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[转载]浙江大学吕建国 Carbon Energy:花粉衍生多孔碳(PC)/Cu3P复合电极材料高效调控多硫化物吸附及超稳定高温 2021-09-17
Regulating adsorption ability toward polysulfides in a porous carbon/Cu 3 P hybrid for an ultrastable high-temperature lithium–sulfur battery ...
[转载]东北大学祝红丽教授团队Carbon Energy 综述:用于电化学储能的多功能 0D 到 3D 碳 2021-09-03
Versatile zero- to three-dimensional carbon for electrochemical energy storage Yuyue Zhao, Yunlu Zhang, Ying Wang, Daxian Cao, ...
[转载]三峡大学杨学林团队Carbon Energy:Co、Fe协同作用镍基普鲁士蓝具有优异的钠存储性能 2021-08-24
Ternary Ni-based Prussian blue analogue with superior sodium storage performance induced by synergistic effect of Co and Fe. Lu-Lu Zhang ...
[转载]福建师范大学林应斌&李加新Carbon Energy:合理调制硅价态梯度分布实现SiOx@C负极性能提升 2021-08-20
Boosting the cell performance of the SiO x @C anode material via rational design of a Si-valence gradient Jianming Tao, Zerui Yan,&nbs ...
[转载]南京工业大学吴宇平教授团队Carbon Energy:新型单原子配位催化剂助力ORR活性和燃料电池性能 2021-08-13
Hierarchically mesoporous carbon spheres coated with a single atomic Fe–N–C layer for balancing activity and mass transfer in fuel cells. C ...
[转载]​浙江师范大学胡勇&吴西林Carbon Energy:精确调控吡咯型单原子Mn-N4位点实现全pH值高效氧还原 2021-08-02
1 研究背景 燃料电池和金属空气电池等能量转换装置是实现下一代清洁、可持续和安全能源的有前途的技术。然而,ORR阴 ...
[转载]俄勒冈州立大学冯振兴教授Carbon Energy综述:同步加速器X射线技术对固态电池中固-固界面的原位表征 2021-07-31
In situ characterizations of solid–solid interfaces in solid-state batteries using synchrotron X-ray techniques Marcos Lucero, Shen Qiu, Zh ...


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