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Python-Note-8-data structure-lists (continue) 2017-04-12
Using for loops with lists Example-1 animal= for i in animal:    print('The animal is '+i) --- outPut ...
Python-note-7-data structure-lists 2017-04-12
Data structures: 1, numbers 2, strings, 3, lists, 4, tuples, 5, dictionaries This part concerns the list data type. A list is a vector c ...
Python-Note-6-Global and local variables 2017-04-11
a global variable is always defined in the main function while a local one is defined in a  non-main function. A global variable can be used in ...
Python -Note-5-for-statements 2017-04-11
for: iterate a clause over  the items of any sequence. The sequence can be a set of numbers or strings. Example-1 words= for w in words: ...
Python-Note-4-Continue-statements 2017-04-11
Continue statements If the continue function is executed, go back to the start of the clause of the while loop. Example: while True:   ...
Python-Note-3-break-while-loop 2017-04-10
break statements Function: break while loop. If the break statement is executed, the while loop is terminated. Example Code in Pytho-Note-2 ...
Python-Note-2-While-loop-statements 2017-04-10
While loop while loop in Python while condition:    clause Example a=1 b=0 while a<5:    b=a+b   ...
Python-Note-1-If-else-statements 2017-04-10
1, If statements if condition:    xxxx Example: name='alibaba' if name=='alibaba':    print('My ...


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