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[转载]200名中国药学领域学者入选2020全球2%顶尖科学家榜 2021-05-17
  World‘s Top 2% Scientist 2020(全球前2%科学家 2020)刚刚由斯坦福大学和爱思维尔联合发布,以“Pharmacology&Pharmacy"为筛选条件,以此数据为基 ...
药用植物亲缘学: 历史、现状与愿景 2021-02-14
祝大家牛年愉快, Plant pharmacophylogeny: past, present and future The concept of "pharmacophylogeny" was proposed by Peigen Xiao in the 1980s ...
[转载]Medicinal plants of the Bible-revisited 2020-12-02
以下为机翻,仅供参阅。 以前的名单中有55到176种植物被列为“圣经中的药用植物”。现代研究证明,这些名单上的许多名称已经不再有效。这种情况是由于旧的翻译 ...
The Utility of Electrochemical Systems in Microbial Degradat 2020-10-23
 The utility of electrochemical systems in microbial degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Discourse, diversity and design, by Da-Ch ...
[转载]摘译“基于数据挖掘探讨340例新冠肺炎的中医用药规律”,黄威07 2020-08-13
In clustering analysis, four categories of TCM commonly used in treating COVID-19 were identified. Category 1: Radix Codonopsis, Radix Astragali, Rh ...
[转载]摘译“基于数据挖掘探讨340例新冠肺炎的中医用药规律”,黄威06 2020-08-13
In terms of statistics of prescription use frequency, the Lung cleansing & detoxifying decoction was most frequently administered (78 times). This ...
[转载]摘译“基于数据挖掘探讨340例新冠肺炎的中医用药规律”,黄威05 2020-08-12
The COVID-19 belongs to the category of "epidemic disease" in TCM. The main syndrome elements are damp, heat, poison (toxin), stasis and Qi ...
[转载]摘译“基于数据挖掘探讨340例新冠肺炎的中医用药规律”,黄威04 2020-08-11
The statistical analysis of clinical symptoms (the top 10) of 340 discharged patients of COVID-19 shows that the most common clinical symptom was dr ...


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