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[转载]广西大学尹诗斌教授团队Carbon Energy:镍钴合金与碳层的强电子耦合效应助力尿素辅助制氢 2023-05-17
Strong electronic coupling of CoNi and N-doped-carbon for efficient urea-assisted H 2  production at a large current density Guangf ...
[转载]宁波工程学院杨为佑&魏启亮&湖南大学滕杰Carbon Energy:ZnO纳米片简易宏量制备及水系锌离子电池应用 2023-05-17
Controllable and large-area growth of ZnO nanosheet arrays under ambient condition as superior anodes for scalable aqueous batteries Don ...
[转载]吉林大学蒋青&杨春成Carbon Energy:空位和异质结构设计助力Co0.85Se/WSe2高效钠存储行为 2023-05-17
High-efficiency sodium storage of Co 0.85 Se/WSe 2  encapsulated in N-doped carbon polyhedron via vacancy and heterojunction engineer ...
[转载]韩国忠南大学Namgee Jung :在金属纳米颗粒和电解质界面上进行选择性氧还原反应的抗毒催化剂 2023-05-17
Antipoisoning catalysts for the selective oxygen reduction reaction at the interface between metal nanoparticles and the electrolyte Sou ...
[转载]华中科技大学郭新&魏璐 Carbon Energy:揭示分子拥挤型混合离子电解质中锌离子溶剂化结构 2023-04-12
Manipulating Zn 2+  solvation environment in poly(propylene glycol)-based aqueous Li+/Zn 2+  electrolytes for high-voltage hyb ...
[转载]高善民&陆俊Carbon Energy:太阳能光热转换,高效环保地获取洁净水 2023-04-12
Recent advances in carbonased materials for solarヾriven interfacial photothermal conversion water evaporation: Assemblies, structures ...
[转载]济南大学原长洲Carbon Energy:二元熔盐体系原位合成中空β㎝o2C纳米管和掺氮碳纳米片复合三明治结构用于析氢 2023-04-12
Binary molten salt in situ synthesis of sandwich-structure hybrids of hollow β-Mo 2 C nanotubes and N-doped carbon nanosheets ...
[转载]东南大学佘伟&章炜&普渡大学李恬 Carbon Energy:传统水泥的新用途,电池防爆新方向 2023-04-12
Thermally insulating and fire-retardant bio-mimic structural composites with a negative Poisson's ratio for battery protection Feng ...


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