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【paper story】Anal Methods:纳米材料在污染物分析中的应用

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Title: Recent progress in the application of nanomaterials in the analysis of emerging chemical contaminants

Author: Xiu Huang, Qian Liu*, Shouzhuo Yao*, Guibin Jiang

Abstract: Emerging chemical contaminants (ECCs) represent newly identified chemical contaminants that are not yet covered by routine monitoring and regulatory programs. Current research into ECCs is greatly hindered by the shortage of analytical methods due to the complex sample matrices, extremely low environmental levels, and the “emerging” nature of ECCs. The use of nanomaterials (NMs) to solve the analytical problem of ECCs is a very active research field. We published an earlier review paper summarizing the application of nanomaterials in the analysis and monitoring of ECCs in 2014. In the subsequent years, this field has continued to rapidly develop with many new materials and technologies emerging. This paper therefore reviews recent progress in this field. Different types of NMs and analytical techniques are covered. Notably, we pay special attention to newly developed materials, such as metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), upconversion materials, carbon dots, and titania (TiO2) nanoparticles. We also stress the progress in emerging techniques, such as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (LDI-TOF MS). Finally, we discuss current challenges and future prospects in this field.



应邀为Analytical Methods撰写的一篇邀稿综述,是我们2014年发表在TrAC上的那篇综述的续集。总结了近三年关于纳米材料在新型化学污染物分析中的应用进展,特别是介绍了一些新材料如MOFs、碳点、上转换材料等的应用,应该对相关领域的研究者有一定的参考价值。特别推荐一下最后的总结和展望部分,算是我们在这个领域的一些思考,敬请大家批评指正!

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