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[转载]Call for papers 2021-07-07
Call for papers Toward carbon neutrality: Innovative energy and resource management 1. Call for papers for a Special Issue of Fronti ...
[转载]Frontiers in Energy影响因子上升为2.709。 2021-06-30
6月30日,科睿唯安发布2020年度JCR 期刊引证报告,Frontiers in Energy影响因子上升为2.709。     FIE的快速发展得益于主编和编委会的努力 ...
[转载]能源类学术期刊 Frontiers in Energy 2021-06-30
Frontiers in Energy  (FIE),是由高等教育出版社、中国工程院和上海交通大学共同主办的英文学术期刊。FIE注重反映全球能源领域最新研究进展,突出研 ...
[转载]RESEARCH: 催化剂层介孔形貌对PEM燃料电池冷启动过程的影响 2021-06-30
Effect of catalyst layer mesoscopic pore-morphology on cold start process of PEM fuel cells Ahmed Mohmed DAFALLA 1 , Fangming JIANG 2 ...
[转载]RESEARCH:表面缺陷的SrTiO₃增强光催化分解水性能的研究 2021-06-30
Enhanced photocatalytic water splitting with surface defective SrTiO ₃  nanocrystals Junying LIU 1 , Zhidong WEI 2 , Wenfeng SHANGG ...
[转载]RESEARCH: 一种由玻璃微珠与自蒸发气冷屏组成的新型液氢贮箱复合被动绝热系统 2021-06-30
A novel cryogenic insulation system of hollow glass microspheres and self-evaporation vapor-cooled shield for liquid hydrogen storage Jianp ...
[转载]Review: 水合物法海水淡化技术的研究进展与未来展望 2021-06-30
Progress and prospect of hydrate-based desalination technology Jibao ZHANG, Shujun CHEN, Ning MAO, Tianbiao HE 作者单位 : Department o ...
Call for Papers: “Frontiers on Carbon Neutrality” 2021-06-30
Call for Papers: “ Frontiers on Carbon Neutrality”   Call for Papers Jointly by Transactions of Chinese Academy of Engineeri ...



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