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近期OpenAI的CEO Sam Altman 表示OpenAI 没有近期训练GPT5的计划,这跟之前的流言有很大的出入。之前看到的流言是GPT4.5会在今年下半年开放,然后GPT5会在今年12月训练完成,看来也只是谣言了。


While I cannot speak directly for OpenAI or its CEO, I can provide some possible reasons as to why they might not have plans to train GPT-5 in the near future:

  1. Technical limitations: Training larger models like GPT-5 would require significantly more computational resources and technical advancements. OpenAI might focus on addressing these limitations first before committing to a new model.

  2. Environmental concerns: The energy consumption required to train large models is substantial. OpenAI might be taking into account the environmental impact and looking for ways to reduce energy usage before developing a new iteration.

  3. Ethical concerns: OpenAI might be focusing on addressing the ethical implications of AI systems, such as biases, misinformation, and unintended consequences, before developing a more powerful model like GPT-5.

  4. Improving existing models: Instead of creating a new model, OpenAI might be focusing on improving the current GPT-4 model by refining its training data, architecture, and other aspects to enhance its capabilities.

  5. Commercialization and deployment: OpenAI may be prioritizing the commercialization and deployment of their existing technologies, ensuring that GPT-4 and other AI systems are effectively integrated into various industries and applications.

  6. Regulation and policy: The rapid advancement of AI technologies has led to increased calls for regulation and policy development. OpenAI might be engaging with governments and stakeholders to help shape the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding AI technologies.

  7. Collaboration: OpenAI might be looking to collaborate with other organizations, research institutions, and AI developers to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise to develop more advanced and responsible AI systems.

  8. Alternative AI approaches: OpenAI may also be exploring alternative AI technologies and approaches, such as reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, or hybrid models, which could potentially surpass the capabilities of the GPT series.




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