如何把文献从google scholar 中导入Endnote

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from: Google Scholar:  How to Add References to Endnote    
    (Probably not your best option: citation records will be minimal)

Step 1: First configure Google Scholar as shown below:

1. Go to the Google Scholar home page at
2. Click on the SETTINGS link.

3. Click on SEARCH RESULTS (left side of screen).
4. Under Bibliography Manager, select: “Show Links To Import Citations Into ENDNOTE”
5. Click SAVE

Step 2: To import citations from Google Scholar into Endnote:

1. Search on Google Scholar
2. Click on the IMPORT INTO ENDNOTE link under the reference you want to import  
3. In the next window that appears, select:  OPEN WITH  and select ENDNOTE  (navigate to it if necessary)
4. Click OK.

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