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刚收到 Science Publishing Group 邀请一个Special Issue 和 Lead Guest Editor。(原件在附件里)


Dear C.H. Zeng et al,

       Learning that you have enjoyed a reputation in your research field, and once shared your work which titled Control of absolute negative mobility via noise recycling procedure in the journal The European Physical Journal B, here Science Publishing Group sincerely invites you to propose a Special Issue and earn a chance to publish 2 papers for free.        

       More and more researchers would like to share their knowledge in a Special Issue so as to arouse wide public concern. If you want to share your research expertise with the public, you are welcome to propose a Special Issue.        

       How to Propose a Special Issue        

       For the details about how to propose a special issue, please refer to                        Propose a Special Issue and                        Special Issue Guidelines. When you finish the Special Issue proposal form, please send it to us. Once your Special Issue proposal accepted, you will be the Lead Guest Editor.        

       Benefits of the Lead Guest Editor        

1. Publish 2 papers for free and enjoy 30% discount for publishing the rest of your papers in your Special Issue;
2. Publish 2-8 papers for free in any journal or Special Issue of SciencePG in the future according to the quantity of charged papers you collect for your Special Issue;
3. Give the right to your Guest Editors and authors invited by you to publish papers with 30% discount.        

       Responsibilities of the Lead Guest Editor        

       1. Disseminate your Special Issue;
2. Collect papers for your Special Issue;
3. Invite Guest Editors and organize them to review your Special Issue papers.        

For more questions about Special Issue, you may get an answer from                        Frequently Asked Questions.        

If you think you are qualified to be a Lead Guest Editor and complete a Special Issue, come and join us. It would be another major contribution in your research field and certainly be concerned by the public.





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