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Letter A

Application for Undergraduate Research- Summer Internship (May- July 2014)


Respected Prof. Ning, L.-Z.,


          I am a 3rd Year Civil Engineering Undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar, India accredited to be a premier institute of engineering and research in India, looking for the possibility of obtaining a Summer Internship during May-July 2014.


        I would be very grateful if you could give a chance to work under you and in your esteemed university for this summer.  I have gone through some of your publications, found interesting in technical and research aspects. I am looking for a challenging opportunity to do summer internship in the field of Hydraulics for the period of May-July, 2014 and I am very keen to pursue the same under your able guidance. The work may be any project that you are working upon or planning to do or anything else that you may deem fit for me. I also thank you very much for taking time to go through this email.

Link for Curriculum vitae.


         I am presently working on a project “Study and improvement of different properties of Self Compacting concrete reinforced with steel fibers” under the guidance of Dr. P. Dinakar, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bhubaneswar. I have completed a project on "Behavior of Masonry assemblages made of soft bricks under compression" under the guidance of Dr. S.Suriya Prakash (Assistant Professor), Department of Civil, IIT Hyderabad. I have successfully modified the existing model and proposed a model for predicting the strain corresponding to peak stress of Prism under compression and research paper on this topic was published in International Conference for Structural Engineering and Mechanics held in December, 2013. I have also reviewed a paper on "Mechanism of Corrosion of Steel in Reinforced Concrete members".


       Apart from having an excellent academic record with a CGPA of 8.70/10, I have been active in various activities in my institute. I possess good inter-personal communication skills and I wish to develop cross cultural relationships. My other academic achievements and extra-curricular activities are listed in my Curriculum vitae.


        I went through your profile and your field of research interests me very much. I have seen the journal "An approximation solution of the hydraulic jump equation in the rectangular expanding channel" of your work and it made me curious to further my knowledge and experience. I am keen to pursue Internship under your able guidance. I promise my commitment and perseverance required for Internship and believe that my aptitude and motivation will help me successfully face the challenge.


        To give you a better sense of my qualifications, I am sending my CV. Since I have the time up to April, 2014 at hand, I can also come prepared with any reading you may suggest. As I am willing to do further studies after my under graduation, I find that this opportunity would make me achieve the above mentioned under your guidance and carrying on the research further.


       I would like to thank you for spending your valuable time in going through my application. I would be willing to provide you any other details and references, which you may require for the same.


       Anticipating an encouraging reply.  


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Third year student

School of Infrastructure

IIT Bhubaneswar

Ph no: xxxxxxxx



Letter B

Application for Undergraduate Research Internship during Summer-2014(May-july)


Respected Ning, L.-Z.                    


       I am YVS Kxxx, a 3rd year undergraduate civil engineering student from the school of Infrastructure in Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar. I would like to pursue with a summer internship position under your esteemed guidance. I have thoroghlystudied your research paper "Detection of liquid-metal, free-surface flow using the DLP measurement technique" and I am keen to be a part of research activities under your guidance in your prestigious university.


       My fascination towards innovative mega-structures from my childhood made me chose civil engineering as my major subject. As you can see from my attached resume, I developed my research and engineering skills by doing various projects and courses. I also developed my language and interpersonal skills by studying in a diversified university.


       I am a critical thinker with good analytical and spatial skills and be able to look into the problem broadly and use different approaches to find a solution. With my project experience, engineering coursework and innovative mindset, I believe I am apt for this role. I look forward to learning more about your requirements and very interested in any suggestions for my future. Thank you very much for your consideration.




YVS Kxxxxx

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