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Dual Blockade Of Renin-Angiotensin SystemA New Strategy For Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases And Its Progress In Recent A Decade 

DY Hu and CS Hu or


As we all known, renin-angiotensin system (RAS) is a common risk factor and involved in several cardiovasular diseases, such as hypertension, chronic heart failure, AS, coronary heart disease (AMI and post-MI remodeling), cardiovasular hypertrophy and fibrosis, type I or type II diabetes mellitus(DM) and nephropathy, and OOH syndrome we named firstly, and other related diseases includes chronic renal disease, non-DM renal disease, IgA renal disease, etc., and cardiovascular events and cerebrovascular disease. Thus, RAS is also a specific target for above cardiovasular diseases. Pathophysiolofical mechanisms in RAS related cardiovascular diseases involved mainly in transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGFbeta1), peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma(PPAR-gamma), microalbuminuria, urinary protein, haemodynamic effects and renoprotective role, etc. It is easy to understand that dual blockade of RAS is now a new strategy for cardiovasular diseases. Here, we introduced simply current angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor(ACEI), eg. lisinopril and angiotensin II receptor blockers(ARB), eg. telmisartan, eprosartan, candesartan (table_). Main evidences of dual blockade are from two aspects, that is to say, animal experiments and clinical trials. Aslo, we compared the effect of dual blockade of RAS and monotherapy with ACEI on cardiovasular diseases, and both are generally safe and well tolerated.. Arguments focused on the benefial role of dual blockade of RAS to cardiovasular diseases, but we believed that prospects of dual blockade is great and more data on animal experiments and clinical trials are needed and should be encouraged. Definitely, to develop novel drugs of dual blockade of RAS for cardiovasular diseases is promising and waits for our work in future. 

Keywords: Dual Blockade, Renin-Angiotensin System, Treatment, Cardiovascular Diseases

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