2021-1-11 10:46
​ 1. Cell—可标记和操控被激活神经元的技术 摘要 Theability to record transient cellular events in the DNA or RNA of cells would enableprecise, large-scale analysis, selection, and reprogramming of heterogeneouscell populations. Here, we report a molecular technology for stable ...
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2021-1-11 10:45
​1. Cell—这是“趋利避害”的神经环路基础!!纹状体介导的基于价值的学习行为在衰老和亨廷顿病模型中显著退化 Abstract Learningvalence-based responses to favorable and unfavorable options requires judgmentsof the relative value of the options, a process necessary for species survival.W ...
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2021-1-11 10:44
​1. Science—这是否算新的synapse?小胶质细胞通过与神经元胞体形成嘌呤能连接以监测和保护神经元功能 Abstract Microglia are the main immune cellsin the brain and have roles in brain homeostasis and neurological diseases.Mechanisms underlying microglia-neuron communication remain elusiv ...
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2021-1-11 10:43
​1. Nature—ALS/FTD中肠道微生物是“坏”的?C9orf72抑制肠道微生物诱导的外周和中枢炎症 Abstract A hexanucleotide-repeat expansion inC9ORF72 is the most common genetic variant that contributes to amyotrophiclateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia1,2. The C9ORF72 mutation a ...
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2021-1-11 10:43
​1. Nature—脑-肠轴和脑膜免疫学再突破!!科学家发现脑膜静脉窦周围存在肠道来源的IgA+浆细胞,其可抵抗血源性病菌侵袭入脑 Abstract The central nervous system hashistorically been viewed as an immune-privileged site, but recent data haveshown that the meninges-the membranes that surroun ...
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2021-1-11 10:42
​1. Nature—哈佛大学新发现!!未考虑昼夜节律可能是神经保护药物在人类卒中临床试验中失败的原因 Abstract Neuroprotectant strategies that haveworked in rodent models of stroke have failed to provide protection in clinicaltrials. Here we show that the opposite circadian cycles in ...
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2021-1-11 10:41
​1. Nature—eIF4E介导氯胺酮的抗抑郁效果 Abstract Effective pharmacotherapy for majordepressive disorder remains a major challenge, as more than 30% of patients areresistant to the first line of treatment (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)1.Sub-anaesthetic doses of keta ...
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2021-1-11 10:41
1. Nature medicine—基因治疗X连锁色素性视网膜炎初现曙光!!!牛津大学科学家发布了最新的临床试验结果 Abstract Retinal gene therapy has shown greatpromise in treating retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a primary photoreceptordegeneration that leads to severe sight loss in young people. In th ...
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2021-1-11 10:39
1. Science—重磅!!研究揭示了人类大脑皮层各区域表面面积和厚度的遗传学基础 Abstract The cerebral cortex underlies our complexcognitive capabilities, yet little is known about the specific genetic locithat influence human cortical structure. To identify genetic variants thataffect ...
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2021-1-11 10:39
​1. Science—钾通道功能障碍可能是引起天使人综合症癫痫的分子机制 Abstract Disruptions in the ubiquitin protein ligaseE3A (UBE3A) gene cause Angelman syndrome (AS). Whereas AS model mice have associatedsynaptic dysfunction and altered plasticity with abnormal behavior, whethersimilar ...
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