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在2012年7月17号出版的黑客攻击专业杂志 - Hakin9 Extra -《量子计算》专刊 36-57 中全文刊登了 “变值双路干涉系统 - 利用模拟实验系统揭示量子干涉和波粒二重性的秘密”的研究文章。

该文描述了变值双路干涉展示系统的体系结构和基本的要求,同时提供了一个针对单个0-1函数和基本参数的在线系统: 该演示系统能够提供总共7680种不同组合的参数配置,以方便对量子干涉之谜感兴趣的探索者,在辅助系统的支持下进行细致深入地探究。


Variant Double-Path Simulation – Resolving Mysteries
and Wave-Particle Paradoxes in Quantum Interactions

Abstract – It is a top intelligent challenge to explain quantum behaviors  consistently using experimental evidences. Wave-particle paradoxes forced this type of formal discussions and historical Bohr-Einstein debates without a common solution from 1900s and still an open question in modern quantum foundation. Using advanced variant logic and measurement construction, it is feasible to identify complex quantum  interactions under multiple/conditional probability into a series of symmetry/anti-symmetry and synchronous/asynchronous conditions. In addition to theoretical analysis and explorations, an online prototype focus on simulation of single function has established to illustrate controllable combinations among possible parameters to generate interactive results with a total of 7680 configurations. Main principles and architectures of the simulation prototype discussed and key and modules are illustrated. Sample interactive results from two polarized/separated paths and either double path for particles or double path for waves are organized into four groups of results for both single functions and global matrix representations

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