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Xu C*, Dong W*, Li W*, Lu Y,Xie X, Jin X, Shi J, He K, Suo Z. 2017. Comparative Analysis of Six Lagerstroemia Complete ChloroplastGenomes: Development of chloroplast genomic resources for Lagerstroemia.Frontiers in Plant Science 8. 15.


Dong W, Xu C, Li D, Jin X, Li R, Lu Q, Suo Z.2016. Comparative analysis of the complete chloroplast genome sequences in psammophyticHaloxylon species (Amaranthaceae).PeerJ 4: e2699.


Song Y*, DongW*, Liu B, Xu C, Yao X, Guo J, Corlett Richard. Comparative Analysis ofComplete Chloroplast Genome Sequences of two tropical trees Machilus yunnanensis and Machilus balansae in the familyLauraceaehas. Frontiers in Plant Science.6: 662.

Xu C*, DongW*, Shi S, Cheng T, Li C, Liu Y, Wu P, Wu H, Gao P, Zhou S (2015) Acceleratingplant DNA barcode reference library construction using herbarium specimens:improved experimental techniques. Molecular Ecology Resources. 15: 1366-1374.IF=5.626

WangH, Landrein S, Dong W, Nie Z, KondoK, Funamoto T, Wen J, Zhou S (2015) Molecular phylogeny and biogeographic diversificationof Linnaeoideae (Caprifoliaceae s. l.) disjunctly distributed in Eurasia, NorthAmerica and Mexico. PLOS ONE 10: e0116485

Dong W, Xu C, Li C,Sun J, Zuo Y, Shi S, Cheng T, Guo J, Zhou S (2015) ycf1, the most promising plastid DNA barcode of land plants.Scientific Reports 5: 8348

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