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2020-5-29 15:20
发表期刊:Soft Matter 论文题目:Al-assisted high frequency self-powered oscillations of liquid metal droplets 论文作者:Sen Chen, Xiaohu Yang, Hongzhang Wang, Ronghang Wang, Jing Liu 发表日期:November 28, 2019 论文摘要:It is of great scientific and practical significance to explore and imitat ...
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2020-5-29 15:11
发表期刊:Journal of Materials Chemistry A 论文题目:Coupling efficient biomass upgrading with H2 production via bifunctional CuxS@NiCo-LDH core–shell nanoarray electrocatalysts 论文作者:Xiaohui Deng, Xiaomin Kang, Mei Li, Kun Xiang, Cheng Wang, ZaiPing Guo, Jiujun Zhang, Xian-Zhu Fu, Jing-Li L ...
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2020-5-26 13:53
发表期刊:Chemical Reviews 论文题目:Interface Engineering in Organic Field-Effect Transistors: Principles, Applications, and Perspectives 论文作者:Hongliang Chen, Weining Zhang, Mingliang Li, Gen He, Xuefeng Guo 发表日期:March 11, 2020 论文摘要:Heterogeneous interfaces that are ubiquitous i ...
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2020-5-26 13:44
发表期刊:LANGMUIR 论文题目:Polydopamine-Assisted Surface Coating of MIL-53 and Dodecanethiol on a Melamine Sponge for Oil–Water Separation 论文作者:Xiaoxu Dong, Mei Cui, Renliang Huang, Rongxin Su, Wei Qi, Zhimin He 发表日期:February 11 , 2020 论文摘要:A superhydrophobic and superoleophil ...
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2020-4-30 14:39
发表期刊:BATTERIESSUPERCAPS 论文题目:A Supramolecular Electrolyte for Lithium‐Metal Batteries 论文作者:Jin Xie, Bo‐Quan Li, Yun‐Wei Song, Hong‐Jie Peng, Qiang Zhang 发表日期:January, 2020 论文摘要:The Cover Feature exhibits the concept of a supramolecular electrolyte (SSE) in lithiu ...
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2020-4-30 14:15
发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie 论文题目:A Sustainable Solid Electrolyte Interphase for High‐Energy‐Density Lithium Metal Batteries Under Practical Conditions 论文作者:Xue‐Qiang Zhang, Tao Li, Bo‐Quan Li, Rui Zhang, Peng Shi, Chong Yan, Jia‐Qi Huang, Qiang Zhang 发表日期:February 17 , 2020 ...
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2020-3-31 16:50
发表期刊:Advanced Materials Technologies 论文题目:Wearable Pressure Sensors: Facile Fabrication of Ultraflexible Transparent Electrodes Using Embedded Copper Networks for Wearable Pressure Sensors 论文作者:Peng Li, Yang Zhao, Jiangang Ma, Yang Yang, Haiyang Xu, Yichun Liu 发表日期:February&n ...
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2020-3-31 16:18
发表期刊:Solar RRL 论文题目:Inverted MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphdiyne Derivative‐Incorporated Electron Transport Layers Exceeding 20% Efficiency 论文作者:Jiangsheng Li, Ning Wang, Fuzhen Bi, Siqi Chen, Chengjie Zhao, Le Liu, Quantong Yao, Changshui Huang, Yurui Xue, Huibiao Liu ...
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2020-1-15 15:26
发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials 论文题目:Wearable Pseudocapacitors: Novel Sub‐5 nm Layered Niobium Phosphate Nanosheets for High‐Voltage, Cation‐Intercalation Typed Electrochemical Energy Storage in Wearable Pseudocapacitors 论文作者:Zeyi Wu, Le Jiang, Wenchao Tian, Yanan Wang, ...
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2020-1-15 15:01
发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials 论文题目:Extracellular Delivery: Tumor Microenvironment‐Tailored Weakly Cell‐Interacted Extracellular Delivery Platform Enables Precise Antibody Release and Function 论文作者:Sidi Li, Luyang Chen, Kai Huang, Ning Chen, Qi Zhan, Kaikai Yi, Hongzhao Qi, ...
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