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2021-5-21 17:22
发表期刊:ChemistryofMaterials 论文题目:Three-Dimensional Printable, Extremely Soft, Stretchable, and Reversible Elastomers from Molecular Architecture-Directed Assembly 论文作者:Shifeng Nian, Jinchang Zhu, Haozhe Zhang, Zihao Gong, Guillaume Freychet, Mikhail Zhernenkov, Baoxing X ...
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2021-5-21 17:04
发表期刊:EnergyEnvironmental Materials 能源与环境材料 论文题目:Critical Factors Dictating Reversibility of the Zinc Metal Anode 论文作者:Lin Ma, Marshall A. Schroeder, Travis P. Pollard, Oleg Borodin, Michael S. Ding, Ruimin Sun, Longsheng Cao, Janet Ho, David R. Baker, Chunsheng Wang, Kan ...
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2021-4-14 13:26
发表期刊:Nature Methods 论文题目:Exosome detection via the ultrafast-isolation system:EXODUS 论文作者:Yuchao Chen, Qingfu Zhu, Liming Cheng, Yong Wang, Meng Li, Qinsi Yang, Liang Hu, Doudou Lou, Jiaoyuan Li, Xianjun Dong, Luke P. Lee, Fei Liu 发表日期:February 2021 论文摘要:Exosomes ...
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2021-4-14 13:01
发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials 论文题目:Microneedle Patch Delivery of Capsaicin‐Containing α‐Lactalbumin Nanomicelles to Adipocytes Achieves Potent Anti‐Obesity Effects 论文作者:Cheng Bao, Zekun Li, Shuang Liang, Yulin Hu, Xiaoyu Wang, Bing Fang, Pengjie Wang, Shanan Chen, Yuan Li ...
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2021-3-29 16:40
发表期刊:Cancer Cell 论文题目:Single-Cell Multiomics Sequencing Reveals Prevalent Genomic Alterations in Tumor Stromal Cells of Human Colorectal Cancer 论文作者:Yuan Zhou, Shuhui Bian, Xin Zhou, Yueli Cui, Wendong Wang, Lu Wen, Limei Guo, Wei Fu, Fuchou Tang 发表日期:December 22, 2020 论文 ...
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2021-3-2 10:24
发表期刊:Analytical Chemistry 论文题目:Determination of Environmental Micro(Nano)Plastics by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization–Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry 论文作者:Pengfei Wu, Yuanyuan Tang, Guodong Cao, Jiangpeng Li, Siqing Wang, Xinyi Chang, Miao Dang, Hangbiao Jin, Chunmiao ...
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2021-3-2 09:55
发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials 论文题目:Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution: Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution under Ambient Conditions on Polymeric Carbon Nitride/Donor‐π‐Acceptor Organic Molecule Heterostructures 论文作者:Kui Li, Lei Wang, Zhongxin Chen, Xianfeng Yang, Yu‐Xiang Yu ...
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2021-1-26 15:06
发表期刊:Environmental ScienceTechnology Letters 论文题目:Biases Arising from the Use of Ambient Measurements to Represent Personal Exposure in Evaluating Inflammatory Responses to Fine Particulate Matter: Evidence from a Panel Study in Beijing, China 论文作者:Yunfei Fan, Yiqun Han, Yingju ...
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2021-1-26 14:37
发表期刊:ACS Applied Materials Interfaces 论文题目:Symmetrical Wrinkles in Single-Component Elastomers with Fingerprint-Inspired Robust Isotropic Dry Adhesive Capabilities 论文作者:Ching-Hsun Lin, Ching-Yu Huang, Jui-Yuan Ho, Han-Yu Hsueh 发表日期:May 13, 2020 论文摘要:Robust an ...
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2020-12-16 10:06
发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie 论文题目:Fast and Long‐Lasting Iron(III) Reduction by Boron Toward Green and Accelerated Fenton Chemistry 论文作者:Peng Zhou, Wei Ren, Gang Nie, Xiaojie Li, Xiaoguang Duan, Yongli Zhang, Shaobin Wang 发表日期:September 14, 2020 论文摘要:Fenton Systems Cleavage ...
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