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发表期刊:Environmental Science & Technology

论文题目:High-Capacity Amidoxime-Functionalized β-Cyclodextrin/Graphene Aerogel for Selective Uranium Capture

论文作者:Nan Li, Li Yang, Dong Wang, Chuyang Tang, Weiqiao Deng, and Zhining Wang

发表日期:July 6, 2021

论文摘要:Uranium extraction from seawater is a grand challenge of mounting severity as the energy demand increases with a growing global population. An amidoxime-functionalized carboxymethyl β-cyclodextrin/graphene aerogel (GDC) is developed for highly efficient and selective uranium extraction via a facile one-pot hydrothermal process. GDC reaches equilibrium in 1 h, and the maximum adsorption capacity calculated from Langmuir model is 654.2 mg/g. Benefiting from the chelation and complexation reaction, the obtained GDC has an excellent selectivity even when the competitive cations, anions, and oil pollutants exist. In addition, the aerogel possesses great mechanical integrity and remains intact after 10 compression cycles. Meanwhile, the GDC can be easily regenerated and maintains a high reusability of 87.3% after 10 adsorption–desorption cycles. It is worthwhile to mention that GDC exhibits an excellent extraction capacity of 19.7 mg/g within 21 days in natural seawater, which is greatly desired in uranium extraction from seawater.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Metal-Organic Frameworks: Solution-Processable Metal–Organic Framework Nanosheets with Variable Functionalities

论文作者:Hongye Yuan, Guoliang Liu, Zhiwei Qiao, Nanxi Li, Pio John S. Buenconsejo, Shibo Xi, Avishek Karmakar, Mengsha Li, Hong Cai, Stephen John Pennycook, Dan Zhao

发表日期:July 22, 2021

论文摘要:Direct, scalable, and surfactant-free synthesis of stable metal-organic framework (MOF) suspensions encompassing exceptionally large 2D NUS-8 nanosheets with variable functionalities and excellent solution processability is achieved by Dan Zhao and co-workers in article number 2101257. As such, relevant monoliths, aero- and xerogels, and large-area textured films can be facilely fabricated. This work opens up a novel perspective for the fabrication of MOF-based electronic devices and/or membranes with feasible mass-production.


发表期刊:Advanced Science

论文题目:Bone Defect Repair: Injectable Affinity and Remote Magnetothermal Effects of Bi-Based Alloy for Long-Term Bone Defect Repair and Analgesia

论文作者:Yuanyuan He, Yu Zhao, Linlin Fan, Xuelin Wang, Minghui Duan, Hongzhang Wang, Xiyu Zhu, Jing Liu

发表日期:July 21, 2021

论文摘要:Bi alloy was injected in situ into bone defects to replace bone tissue for support. At the same time, compared with the transmission of nerve sensory information in the normal part, the continuous temperature control (40-45 °C) of Bi alloy induced by the remote alternation magnetic field of the magnetic coil blocked the transmission of pain signals from the nerve fibers around the bone defect to the spinal cord and brain, thus alleviating pain. More details can be found in article number 2100719 by Jing Liu and co-workers.


发表期刊:The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

论文题目:Continuous Flow Synthesis of Persistent Luminescent Chromium-Doped Zinc Gallate Nanoparticles

论文作者:Xiaojun Wei, Stephen V. Kershaw, Xiaodan Huang, Mingxia Jiao, Chau Chun Beh, Chunyan Liu, Morteza Sarmadi, Andrey L. Rogach, and Lihong Jing

发表日期:July 29, 2021

论文摘要:Near-infrared persistent luminescent (or afterglow) nanoparticles with the biologically appropriate size are promising materials for background-free imaging applications, while the conventional batch synthesis hardly allows for reproducibility in controlling particle size because of the random variations of reaction parameters. Here, highly efficient chemistry was matched with an automated continuous flow approach for directly synthesizing differently sized ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ (ZGC) nanoparticles exhibiting long persistent luminescence. The key flow factors responsible for regulating the particle formation process, especially the high pressure–temperature and varied residence time, were investigated to be able to tune the particle size from 2 to 6 nm and to improve the persistent luminescence. Upon silica shell encapsulation of the nanoparticles accompanied by an annealing process, the persistent luminescence of the resulting particles was remarkably enhanced. High-fidelity automated flow chemistry demonstrated here offers an alternative for producing ZGC nanoparticles and will be helpful for other compositionally complex metal oxide nanoparticles.


发表期刊:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

论文题目:Controlled Synthesis of Poly[(3-alkylthio)thiophene]s and Their Application to Organic Field-Effect Transistors

论文作者:Po-Shen Lin, Yamato Shoji, Shakil N. Afraj, Mitsuru Ueda, Ching-Hsuan Lin, Shin Inagaki, Taiki Endo, Shih-Huang Tung, Ming-Chou Chen, Cheng-Liang Liu, and Tomoya Higashihara

发表日期:July 14, 2021

论文摘要:Regioregular polythiophenes have been widely used in organic electronic applications due to their solution processability with chemical modification through side chain engineering, as well as their microstructural organization and good hole transport properties. Here, we introduce alkylthio side chains, (poly[(3-alkylthio)thiophene]s; P3ATTs), with strong noncovalent sulfur molecular interactions, to main chain thienyl backbones. These P3ATTs were compared with alkyl-substituted polythiophene (poly(3-alkylthiophene); P3AT) variants such that the effects of straight (hexyl and decyl) and branched (2-ethylhexyl) side chains (with and without S atoms) on their thin-film morphologies and crystalline states could be investigated. P3ATTs with linear alkylthio side chains (P3HTT, hexylthio; P3DTT, decylthio) did not attain the expected higher organic field-effect transistor (OFET) mobilities with respect to P3HT (hexyl) and P3DT (decyl) mainly due to their lower regioregularity (76–78%), although P3ATTs exhibit an enhanced tendency for aggregation and compact molecular packing, as indicated by the red-shifting of the absorption spectra and the shortening of the π–π stacking distance, respectively. Moreover, the loss of regioregularity issue can be solved by introducing more soluble 2-ethylhexylthio branched side chains to form poly[3-(2-ethylhexylthio)thiophene] (P3EHTT), which provides enhanced crystallinity and efficient charge mobility (increased by up to a factor of 3) with respect to the poly(2-ethylhexylthiophene) (P3EHT) without S atoms in the side moieties. This study demonstrates that the presence of side chain alkylthio structural motifs with nonbonded interactions in polythiophene semiconductors has a beneficial impact on the molecular conformation, morphologies, structural packing, and charge transport in OFET devices.


发表期刊:ACS Nano

论文题目:Ligand-Mediated Spatially Controllable Superassembly of Asymmetric Hollow Nanotadpoles with Fine-Tunable Cavity as Smart H2O2-Sensitive Nanoswimmers

论文作者:Miao Yan, Lei Xie, Beilei Qiu, Shan Zhou, Tianyi Liu, Jie Zeng, Qirui Liang, Jinyao Tang, Kang Liang, Dongyuan Zhao,  Biao Kong

发表日期:July 27, 2021

论文摘要:Ligand-mediated interface control has been broadly applied as a powerful tool in constructing sophisticated nanocomposites. However, the resultant morphologies are usually limited to solid structures. Now, a facile spatially controllable ligand-mediated superassembly strategy is explored to construct monodispersed, asymmetric, hollow, open Au-silica (SiO2) nanotadpoles (AHOASTs). By manipulating the spatial density of ligands, the degree of diffusion of silica can be precisely modulated; thus the diameters of the cavity can be continuously tuned. Due to their highly anisotropic, hollow, open morphologies, we construct a multicompartment nanocontainer with enzymes held and isolated inside the cavity. Furthermore, the resulting enzyme–AHOASTs are used as biocompatible smart H2O2-sensitive nanoswimmers and demonstrate a higher diffusion coefficient than other nanoscaled swimmers. We believe that this strategy is critical not only in designing sophisticated hollow nanosystem but also in providing great opportunities for applications in nanomaterial assembly, catalysis, sensors, and nanoreactors.



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