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发表期刊:Cancer Cell

论文题目:Single-Cell Multiomics Sequencing Reveals Prevalent Genomic Alterations in Tumor Stromal Cells of Human Colorectal Cancer

论文作者:Yuan Zhou, Shuhui Bian, Xin Zhou, Yueli Cui, Wendong Wang, Lu Wen, Limei Guo, Wei Fu, Fuchou Tang

发表日期:December 22, 2020

论文摘要:To what extent stromal cells in the tumor microenvironment (TME) are transformed by colorectal cancer (CRC) cells is unexplored. To dissect alterations in these non-malignant cells, we performed single-cell multiomics sequencing of 21 patients with microsatellite-stable CRCs and 6 cancer-free, elderly individuals. Surprisingly, somatic copy number alterations (SCNAs) are prevalent in immune cells, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells in both the TME and the normal tissues of each individual. Moreover, the proportions of fibroblasts with SCNAs in tumors (11.1%–47.7%) are much higher than those in adjacent normal tissues (1.1%–10.6%), with gain of chromosome 7 strongly enriched in the TME, clearly indicating clonal expansion. Furthermore, five genes ( BGN, RCN3, TAGLN, MYL9, and TPM2) are identified as fibroblast-specific biomarkers of poorer prognosis of CRC. Our study provides evidence and functional relevance of pervasive genomic alterations in the stromal cells of TME in CRC.



论文题目:Targeting Microglia for Therapy of Parkinson’s Disease by Using Biomimetic Ultrasmall Nanoparticles

论文作者:Hanghang Liu, Yaobao Han, Tingting Wang, Hao Zhang, Qi Xu, Jiaxin Yuan, Zhen Li

发表日期:December 30, 2020

论文摘要:Microglia as an important type of innate immune cell in the brain have been considered as an effective therapeutic target for the treatment of central nervous degenerative diseases. Herein, we report cell membrane coated novel biomimetic Cu2–xSe-PVP-Qe nanoparticles (denoted as CSPQ@CM nanoparticles, where PVP is poly(vinylpyrrolidone), Qe is quercetin, and CM is the cell membrane of neuron cells) for effectively targeting and modulating microglia to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD). The CSPQ nanoparticles exhibit multienzyme activities and could effectively scavenge the reactive oxygen species and promote the polarization of microglia into the anti-inflammatory M2-like phenotype to relieve neuroinflammation. We reveal that biomimetic CSPQ@CM nanoparticles targeted microglia through the specific interactions between the membrane surface vascular cells adhering to molecule-1 and α4β1 integrin expressed by microglia. They could significantly improve the symptoms of PD mice to result in an excellent therapeutic efficacy, as evidenced by the recovery of their dopamine level in cerebrospinal fluid, tyrosine hydroxylase, and ionized calcium binding adapter protein 1 to normal levels. Our work demonstrates the great potential of these robust biomimetic nanoparticles in the targeted treatment of PD and other central nervous degenerative diseases.




论文作者:郭玉, 赵春竹, 朴明旭, 郑汉青, 顾姗姗, 句源

发表日期:January 01, 2021



发表期刊:Nano Letters

论文题目:Atomically Thin Noble Metal Dichalcogenides for Phase-Regulated Meta-optics

论文作者:Yingwei Wang, Zi-Lan Deng, Dejiao Hu, Jian Yuan, Qingdong Ou, Fei Qin, Yinan Zhang, Xu Ouyang, Yue Li, Bo Peng, Yaoyu Cao, BaiOu Guan, Yupeng Zhang, Jun He, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Qiaoliang Bao, Xiangping Li

发表日期:November 11, 2020

论文摘要:Owing to its good air stability and high refractive index, two-dimensional (2D) noble metal dichalcogenide shows intriguing potential for versatile flat optics applications. However, light field manipulation at the atomic scale is conventionally considered unattainable because the small thickness and intrinsic losses of 2D materials completely suppress both resonances and phase accumulation effects. Here, we demonstrate that losses of structured atomically thick PtSe2 films integrated on top of a uniform substrate can be utilized to create the spots of critical coupling, enabling singular phase behaviors with a remarkable π phase jump. This finding enables the experimental demonstration of atomically thick binary meta-optics that allows an angle-robust and high unit thickness diffraction efficiency of 0.96%/nm in visible frequencies (given its thickness of merely 4.3 nm). Our results unlock the potential of a new class of 2D flat optics for light field manipulation at an atomic thickness.


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Painless Microneedles: Limpet Tooth‐Inspired Painless Microneedles Fabricated by Magnetic Field‐Assisted 3D Printing

论文作者:Xiangjia Li, Weitong Shan, Yang Yang, Dylan Joralmon, Yizhen Zhu, Yiyu Chen, Yuan Yuan, Han Xu, Jiahui Rong, Rui Dai, Qiong Nian, Yang Chai, Yong Chen

发表日期:January 27, 2021

论文摘要:In article number 2003725,Xiangjia Li, Yang Chai, Yong Chen, and co‐workers present limpet tooth inspired painless microneedles with the capability of controllable drug delivery. The microneedles are fabricated via a magnetic field‐assisted 3D printing process, and the aligned magnetic nanoparticles show promising enhanced compression resistance. This opens intriguing perspectives for designing microneedles with sharp features and excellent mechanical strength based on bioinspired hierarchical structures.


发表期刊:Environmental Science & Technology

论文题目:Nontarget Screening of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Atmospheric Particulate Matter Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

论文作者:Chi Xu, Lirong Gao, Minghui Zheng, Lin Qiao, Kunran Wang, Di Huang, Shuang Wang

发表日期:January 5, 2021

论文摘要:Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are mutagenic and carcinogenic. 16 PAHs as priority pollutants listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency were usually monitored. Therefore, multiple potentially toxic polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) are not monitored. In this study, atmospheric particulate matter samples from Beijing were analyzed using atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) mass spectrometry and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight (GC × GC-TOF) mass spectrometry. The FT-ICR data detected high molecular weight PAHs, alkylated PAHs (APAHs) and heteroatom PAHs. The GC × GC-TOF data tentatively identified 386 PACs in five categories of identification confidence. Twenty-one spectra in the unknown class were manually resolved. Eighty-two PACs with high identification confidence were proposed for further research. The identities of five PAHs and five APAHs that are currently not regulated were confirmed using available standards and quantified in some samples. Some of these PACs, such as dibenzo[a,e]pyrene (C22H14) and 1-methylpyrene (C17H12), should be of concern because of their contamination levels and the high toxicities of themselves and/or their derivatives. This study highlights the possibility of expanding the traditional lists of PAHs to improve pollution control and risk assessment accuracy.





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