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发表期刊:Advanced Optical Materials

论文题目:2D Materials for Fiber Lasers: Recent Advances of 2D Materials in Nonlinear Photonics and Fiber Lasers

论文作者:Wenjun Liu, Mengli Liu, Ximei Liu, Xiaoting Wang, Hui‐Xiong Deng, Ming Lei, Zhongming Wei, Zhiyi Wei

发表日期:April 17, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1901631 by Ming Lei, Zhongming Wei and co‐workers, the application of typical 2D materials in fiber lasers is presented in detail, and the effect of layer regulation on the lasers is highlighted. Selected 2D materials have been applied, as displayed on the cover in chronological order on a time axis. The interactions between light and materials of different thickness are demonstrated.


发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Efficient Oxygen Reduction Catalysts of Porous Carbon Nanostructures Decorated with Transition Metal Species

论文作者:Xiaoxiao Huang, Tong Shen, Teng Zhang, Hailong Qiu, Xingxing Gu, Zeeshan Ali,  Yanglong Hou

发表日期:March 17, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1900375, Xingxing Gu, Yanglong Hou and co‐workers discuss porous carbon nanostructures decorated with transition‐metal species, that usually display outstanding oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalytic properties. In this work, various synthetic methods are introduced and the ORR performance of these catalysts assessed, alongside a detailed exploration of the active sites. The challenges and prospects of the field are also discussed.


发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Solid Electrolyte Interphase: The Failure of Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Li Metal Anode: Structural Uniformity or Mechanical Strength?

论文作者:Xin Shen, Rui Zhang, Xiang Chen, Xin‐Bing Cheng, Xiaoyan Li, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:March 10, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1903645, Qiang Zhang and co‐workers describe the failure mechanism of a solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on a Li metal anode based on a quantitative electrochemical‐mechanical model. The impacts of structural uniformity and mechanical strength on the stability of the SEI under different working conditions are revealed. Theoretical guidance is provided for the design of stable SEI in next‐generation Li metal batteries.


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Electroenzymatic Sensors: A Mediator‐Free Electroenzymatic Sensing Methodology to Mitigate Ionic and Electroactive Interferents' Effects for Reliable Wearable Metabolite and Nutrient Monitoring

论文作者:Xuanbing Cheng, Bo Wang, Yichao Zhao, Hannaneh Hojaiji, Shuyu Lin, Ryan Shih, Haisong Lin, Stephanie Tamayosa, Brittany Ham, Phoenix Stout, Kamyar Salahi, Zhaoqing Wang, Chuanzhen Zhao, Jiawei Tan, Sam Emaminejad

发表日期:March 3, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1908507, Sam Emaminejad and co‐workers report the fundamental challenges of conventional Prussian Blue‐based wearable enzymatic sensors, which need to be resolved for their reliable operation in complex biofluids. Accordingly, they devise an alternative mediator‐free wearable electroenzymatic sensing methodology, where the experimental results indicate high degrees of sensitivity, selectivity, and stability of the developed sensors for wireless biofluid analysis.


发表期刊:Advanced Functional Materials

论文题目:Chemodynamic Therapy: Boosting H2O2‐Guided Chemodynamic Therapy of Cancer by Enhancing Reaction Kinetics through Versatile Biomimetic Fenton Nanocatalysts and the Second Near‐Infrared Light Irradiation

论文作者:Tingting Wang, Hao Zhang, Hanghang Liu, Qiang Yuan, Feng Ren, Yaobao Han, Qiao Sun, Zhen Li, Mingyuan Gao

发表日期:January 17, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 1906128, Zhen Li and co‐workers design versatile tumor‐targeted nanocatalysts for boosting the chemodynamic therapy of cancer under second near‐infrared light irradiation. The nanocatalysts can efficiently oxidize glucose within the tumor to significantly improve the concentration of H2O2 to accelerate the Fenton reaction to generate vast amounts of reactive oxygen species to kill cancer cells.


发表期刊:Advanced Materials

论文题目:Ferromagnetic Liquid Metal: Ferromagnetic Liquid Metal Plasticine with Transformed Shape and Reconfigurable Polarity

论文作者:Lingxiao Cao, Dehai Yu, Zishuo Xia, Haoyu Wan, Chuanke Liu, Tao Yin, Zhizhu He

发表日期:April 28, 2020

论文摘要:In article number 2000827, Zhizhu He and co‐workers report a ferromagnetic liquid metal putty‐like material with unique reconfigurable magnetic polarity, stiffening effect, transformed shape, and high electrical conductivity. It can be used as printable magnetic and conductive ink to enable a series of novel applications, including magnetic switching, flexible magnetic recording paper, and self‐sensing soft robotics using magnetic actuation.



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