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论文题目:A Supramolecular Electrolyte for Lithium‐Metal Batteries

论文作者:Jin Xie, Bo‐Quan Li, Yun‐Wei Song, Hong‐Jie Peng, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:January, 2020

论文摘要:The Cover Feature exhibits the concept of a supramolecular electrolyte (SSE) in lithium metal batteries. Supramolecular organization is used to fabricate the ion channel (represented by the bridge) to connect the lithium‐metal electrode (represented by the flaring mountain). Structural units cucurbit[6]uril are shown as streetlights along the ion channel to enlighten the Li+ (vehicles) moving from/to the lithium metal electrode. More information can be found in the Communication by J. Xie et al.


发表期刊:Analytical Chemistry

论文题目:Strong Acid Anions Significantly Increasing the Charge State of Proteins during Electrospray Ionization

论文作者:Lulu Feng, Xiaoyun Gong, Jiafeng Song, Rui Zhai, Zejian Huang, You Jiang, Xiang Fang, Xinhua Dai

发表日期:January 21, 2020

论文摘要:Regulation of protein’s charge state in electrospray is of great importance to the analysis of proteins. Different methods have been developed so far to increase the charge state of proteins. In this work, we investigated the influence of different anions on the charge state of proteins. Both strong acid anions and weak acid anions were taken into consideration. The results showed that the presence of 5 mM strong acid anions in acidic solutions could significantly increase the charge state of proteins. In comparison, weak acid anions with the same concentration in solution had little impact on the charge state of proteins. The species of the cations in the samples had very limited influence on the charge state. The presence of a certain amount of acid in sample solution was critical to the effect of strong acid anions. Almost no increase of the charge state was observed when no acid was added to the samples. However, remarkable increase of the charge state of myoglobin (Mb) was observed when 0.001% (v/v) acetic acid (HAc) was added to the sample together with 5 mM sodium chloride (NaCl). A higher concentration of acid in samples would further enhance the effect of strong acid anions on the increase of the charge state. Further investigations into the mechanism revealed that the effect of the strong acid anions on the charge state of proteins was based on the unfolding of the protein molecules during electrospray ionization (ESI). The interactions among H+, anions, and protein molecules were so strong that it caused the unfolding of protein molecules and resulted in the increasing of proteins’ charge states. The key factor that made strong acid anions and weak acid anions different in the results was the hydrolysis of the weak acid anions in acidic solutions. The present work furthers our understanding about electrospray, as well as the regulation of protein charge state. The presence of strong acid anions in acidic solutions can significantly influence the charge state of proteins in electrospray. Attention should be paid to this when regulating the charge state of proteins.


发表期刊:Environmental Science&Technology

论文题目:Cellular Uptake of Few-Layered Black Phosphorus and the Toxicity to an Aquatic Unicellular Organism

论文作者:Qi Wu, Linlin Yao, Xingchen Zhao, Li zeng, Ping Li, Xiaoxi Yang, Liu Zhang, Zongwei Cai, Jianbo Shi, Guangbo Qu, Guibin Jiang

发表日期:February 4 , 2020

论文摘要:With the potential continuous application of mono- or few-layered black phosphorus (BP) in electronic, photonic, therapeutic, and environmental fields, the possible side effects of BP on aquatic organisms after release into natural water are of great concern. We investigated the potential toxicity of BP on the unicellular organ

ism, Tetrahymena thermophila. After the exposure for 8 h at 10 μg/mL, the reproduction of T. thermophila significantly decreased by 46.3%. Severe cell membrane and cilium damage were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) upon treatment with BP. Based on bright-field microscopy and three-dimensional Raman imaging, we investigated the cellular uptake and translocation of BP within T. thermophila. It was observed that the engulfment of BP by T. thermophila was oral apparatus dependent, through which intracellular BP was then transported to the posterior end of T. thermophila by food vacuole packaging. Our study also revealed that BP induced the increase of intracellular reactive oxidant species and formed oxidative stress-dependent toxicity to T. thermophila. Our findings paved a way for better understanding the BP toxicityon aquatic organisms and its potential ecological risks.


发表期刊:Environmental Science&Technology

论文题目:Halogenated Organic Pollutant Residuals in Human Bared and Clothing-Covered Skin Areas: Source Differentiation and Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment

论文作者:Zhiguo Cao, Qiaoying Chen, Chunyou Zhu, Xi Chen, Neng Wang, Wei Zou, Xingli Zhang, Guifen Zhu, Jinghua Li, Bixian Mai, Xiaojun Luo

发表日期:December 17, 2019

论文摘要:To comprehensively clarify human exposure to halogenated flame retardants (HFRs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) through dermal uptake and hand-to-mouth intake, skin wipe samples from four typical skin locations from 30 volunteers were collected. The total concentration of the target chemicals (24 HFRs and 16 PCBs) ranged from 203 to 4470 ng/m2. BDE-209 and DBDPE accounted for about 37 and 40% of ∑24HFRs, respectively, and PCB-41 and PCB-110 were the dominant PCB congeners, with proportion of 24 and 10%, respectively. Although exhibiting relatively lower concentrations of contaminants than bared skin locations, clothing-covered skin areas were also detected with considerable levels of HFRs and PCBs, indicating clothing to be a potentially significant exposure source. Significant differences in HFR and PCB levels and profiles were also observed between males and females, with more lower-volatility chemicals in male-bared skin locations and more higher-volatility compounds in clothing-covered skin locations of female participants. The mean estimated whole-body dermal absorption doses of ∑8HFRs and ∑16PCBs (2.9 × 10–4 and 6.7 × 10–6 mg/kg·d) were 1–2 orders of magnitude higher than ingestion doses via hand-to-mouth contact (6.6 × 10–7 and 3.1 × 10–7 mg/kg·d). The total noncarcinogenic health risk resulted from whole-body dermal absorption and oral ingestion to ∑7HFRs and ∑16PCBs were 5.2 and 0.35, respectively.



论文题目: Engineering of Upconverted Metal–Organic Frameworks for Near-InfraredLight-TriggeredCombinational Photodynamic/Chemo-/Immunotherapy against Hypoxic Tumors

论文作者:Yulei Shao, Bei Liu, Zhenghan Di, Ge Zhang, Ling-Dong Sun, Lele Li, Chun-Hua Yan

发表日期:February 26 , 2020

论文摘要:Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have shown great potential as nanophotosensitizers (nPSs) for photodynamic therapy (PDT). The use of such MOFs in PDT, however, is limited by the shallow depth of tissue penetration of short-wavelength light and the oxygen-dependent mechanism that renders it inadequate for hypoxic tumors. Here, to combat such limitations, we rationally designed core–shell upconversion nanoparticle@porphyrinic MOFs (UCSs) for combinational therapy against hypoxic tumors. The UCSs were synthesized in high yield through the conditional surface engineering of UCNPs and subsequent seed-mediated growth strategy. The heterostructure allows efficient energy transfer from the UCNP core to the MOF shell, which enables the near-infrared (NIR) light-triggered production of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. A hypoxia-activated prodrug tirapazamine (TPZ) was encapsulated in nanopores of the MOF shell of the heterostructures to yield the final construct TPZ/UCSs. We demonstrated that TPZ/UCSs represent a promising system for achieving improved cancer treatment in vitro and in vivo via the combination of NIR light-induced PDT and hypoxia-activated chemotherapy. Furthermore, the integration of the nanoplatform with antiprogrammed death-ligand 1 (α-PD-L1) treatment promotes the abscopal effect to completely inhibit the growth of untreated distant tumors by generating specific tumor infiltration of cytotoxic T cells. Collectively, this work highlights a robust nanoplatform for combining NIR light-triggered PDT and hypoxia-activated chemotherapy with immunotherapy to combat the current limitations of tumor treatment.



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