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论文题目:Noninvasive and prospective diagnosis of coronary heart disease with urine using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

论文作者: Huinan Yang, Chang Zhao, Rong Li, Chengxing Shen, Xiaoshu Cai, Li Sun, Chengfang Luo, Yuechao Yina 

发表日期:16 March 2018

论文摘要:A prospective diagnosis method for coronary heart disease (CHD) using human urine based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is proposed, and could provide valuable information for judging whether to perform percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in clinics. Here, urine samples from 87 patients with CHD, including patients with PCI before operation (degree of cardiovascular congestion above 70%) and without PCI (degree of cardiovascular congestion under 70%), and 20 healthy humans were measured using SERS. Principal component analysis (PCA) combined with linear discriminant analysis (LDA) was employed to analyze the SERS spectra, revealing that the classification sensitivity and specificity were 90% and 78.9%, respectively, and the absolute value for loading of PC1 at 1509 cm−1 was the largest. Since platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB) is closely related to CHD, PDGF-BB aqueous solutions with various concentrations (1, 0.5, 0.1, 0.05 and 0.01 ppm) and a mixture of healthy human urine and PDGF-BB aqueous solutions were then investigated in this work, and it was found that the Raman peak at 1509 cm−1 may be attributed to PDGF-BB. Moreover, the measured SERS spectra of all the urine samples from the 87 patients with CHD were compared with the clinical data provided by a hospital, and it was revealed that the appearance of a peak at 1509 cm−1 in the SERS spectra was in good agreement with the results of coronary angiography tests when cardiovascular congestion was above 70%. This indicated that the classification sensitivity and specificity were 87.9% and 87.0%, respectively, through identification of the Raman peak at 1509 cm−1.


发表期刊:Analytical Methods

论文题目:Polystyrene-impregnated paper substrates for direct mass spectrometric analysis of proteins and peptides in complex matrices

论文作者:Jin Li, Yajun Zheng, Wei Mi, Theoneste Muyizerea, Zhiping Zhang

发表日期:22 May 2018

论文摘要:Direct analysis of proteins and peptides in complex matrices is of significant importance for biological, medicinal and toxicological studies. Paper spray mass spectrometry is a promising method for the rapid determination of target compounds in various samples, but such a protocol is greatly limited by the hydrogen-bond and van der Waals interactions between the paper substrate and proteins and peptides. In this study, we reported the development of a robustly hydrophobic polystyrene-impregnated paper substrate with a surface energy of 49.0 mN m−1 for paper spray in the analyses of proteins and peptides. The substrate was prepared by first coating polystyrene microspheres on the surface of filter paper followed by baking at 180 °C. We found that the baking temperature and coating amount of polystyrene had pronounced effects on the surface properties of the generated paper and the performance of paper spray in the analysis of target compounds. In addition, the capability of polystyrene-impregnated paper during paper spray was closely related to the composition of spray solvent. The developed paper has also been used for the measurement of various proteins and peptides (e.g., cytochrome c, lysozyme, myoglobin, angiotensin II and hemoglobin) in complex matrices (e.g., PBS and Tris buffer solutions and whole blood samples). The results demonstrated that in contrast to uncoated filter paper, the analysis sensitivity of paper spray using polystyrene-impregnated paper could be improved 12–1348-fold. This could ultimately make the PS-impregnated paper a potential substrate for paper spray in the direct analysis of proteins and peptides in various complex samples.


发表期刊:Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

论文题目:Computational investigation on DNA sequencing using functionalized graphene nanopores

论文作者:You-sheng Yu, Xiang Lu, Hong-ming Ding, Yu-qiang Ma

发表日期:30 January 2018

论文摘要:Fast, low-cost and reliable DNA sequencing is one of the most desirable innovations in recent years, which can pave the way for high throughput, label-free and inexpensive personalized genome sequencing techniques. Although graphene-based nanopore devices hold great promise for next-generation DNA sequencing, it is still a challenging problem to detect different DNA sequences efficiently and accurately. In the present work, the translocation of four homogeneous DNA strands (i.e., poly(A)20, poly(C)20, poly(G)20, and poly(T)20) through the functionalized graphene nanopores is investigated by all-atom molecular dynamic simulations. Interestingly, it is found that the four types of bases could be identified by different ionic currents when they pass through the hydrogenated and hydroxylated pores. For the hydrogenated nanopore, the difference in the ionic current for the four bases is mainly attributed to the different electrostatic interactions between the base and the ion. For the hydroxylated nanopore, apart from the electrostatic interactions, the position of a nucleotide inside the nanopore and the dwell time of an ion around the nucleotide also play an important role in the ionic current. The present study could be helpful to better design a novel device for DNA sequencing in the future.


发表期刊:Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

论文题目:Morphology-controlled epitaxial vanadium dioxide low-dimensional structures: the delicate effects on the phase transition behaviors

论文作者:W. M. Xiong, Jian Shao, Y. Q. Zhang, Yun Chen, X. Y. Zhang, W. J. Chenbc, Yue Zheng

发表日期:06 April 2018

论文摘要:As an important strongly correlated electron material, VO2 undergoes a metal–insulator transition (MIT) accompanied by a huge change of several orders of magnitude in conductance and transmittance. The MIT behavior can be controlled by low-dimensional structures (LDSs) and the interaction between LDSs and substrates. Consequently, fabricating the LDSs and understanding the phase transition behaviors have great significance for the investigation of fundamental properties and applications. Using the pulsed laser deposition technique, we fabricate abundant LDSs (i.e., from zero-dimensional nanodots, one-dimensional nanowires, nanobelts and nanorods to two-dimensional nanoplatelets and ultra-thin films, and zero-/one-/two-dimensional mixed structures), and investigate the controllability of each deposition factor on the growth of the LDSs. TEM results confirm the high crystallinity of the as-synthesized LDSs. AFM results and ab initio calculations demonstrate the great influence of substrates on the growth orientation of the LDSs. More importantly, we systematically investigate the phase transition characteristics of the LDSs by temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy and XRD. The results clearly reveal the structural dependence of the phase transition features due to the delicate effects of substrates and structures. Our technique provides a rapid, controllable and easy method for fabricating VO2 LDSs, which can lead to a deeper understanding of the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties and potential applications of VO2.


发表期刊:Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

论文题目:Novel carbon polymorphs with cumulative double bonds in three-dimensional sp–sp2 hybrid framework

论文作者:Lingyu Liu, Meng Hu, Chao Liu, Xiaowei Liang, Yilong Pan, Pan Ying, Zhisheng Zhao, Guoying Gao, Julong He, Yongjun Tiana 

发表日期:12 April 2018

论文摘要:A conspicuous amount of theoretical study has been published on the properties of carbon allotropes with alternate single and triple bonds, (–C[triple bond, length as m-dash]C–)n. However, theoretical characterizations of carbon allotropes with cumulative double bonds ([double bond, length as m-dash]C[double bond, length as m-dash]C[double bond, length as m-dash])n is almost non-existent in literature. Based upon first-principles calculations, two new three-dimensional (3D) microporous carbon allotropes consisting of whorl chains connected by cumulative double bonds in a sp–sp2 hybrid framework have been proposed in this study. One of these structures, namely, Trig-C9 was obtained by an evolutionary particle swarm structural search, while the other structure, denoted as Trig-C15, was obtained by inserting double bonds into Trig-C9. Both the 3D sp–sp2 hybridized carbons have a trigonal structure with 9 and 15 atoms in the hexagonal primitive cells. The calculated results demonstrate that these polymorphs are thermodynamically, mechanically, and dynamically feasible. Trig-C9 and Trig-C15 are indirect semiconductors with band gaps of 2.70 eV and 1.25 eV, respectively. Their unique frameworks render them mechanical ductility and significant elastic anisotropy. These results open up new horizons for the exploration of new carbon phases with unique structural, mechanical, and electronic properties.


发表期刊:Catalysis Science Technology

论文题目:Layered perovskite-like La2−xCaxNiO4±δ derived catalysts for hydrogen production via auto-thermal reforming of acetic acid

论文作者:Wei Xie, Jilong Yang, Qiao Wang, Lihong Huang, Ning Wang

发表日期:16 March 2018

论文摘要:Acetic acid from bio-oil is a renewable resource for hydrogen production. Layered perovskite-like Ca-doped La2−xCaxNiO4±δ (x = 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2) catalysts were prepared via a sol–gel method and tested in auto-thermal reforming (ATR) of acetic acid (AC) for hydrogen production. XRD, TPR, BET, XPS, TG, SEM and TEM characterization was carried out; the results show that the layered perovskite-like structure was the main phase in La2−xCaxNiO4±δ with 0 ≤ x ≤ 1, and La–Ca–O composite oxide species increased with increasing calcium content, while the reducibility of Ni metal was gradually enhanced as well. During the ATR process, La2O2CO3 and CaCO3 species were generated and nickel particles were stable, suggesting that partial substitution of La by Ca in La2−xCaxNiO4±δ was beneficial to stabilizing Ni particles with less coking. As a result, over the LaCaNiO4±δcatalyst, the AC conversion reached 100% and the hydrogen yield remained stable near 2.80 mol-H2 per mol-AC during the ATR test.


发表期刊:Green Chemistry 

论文题目:Protection of COOH and OH groups in acid, base and salt free reactions

论文作者:Xiaotao Zhu, Bo Qian, Rongbiao Wei, Jian-Dong Huang, Hongli Bao

发表日期:06 February 2018

论文摘要:We report an iron-catalyzed general functional group protection method with inexpensive reagents. This environmentally benign process does not use acids or bases, and does not produce waste products. Further purification beyond filtration and evaporation is, in most cases, unnecessary. Free COOH and OH groups can be protected in a one-pot reaction.



论文题目:Antibacterial mechanism of silver nanoparticles in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: proteomics approach

论文作者:Xueting Yan, Bin He, Lihong Liu, Guangbo Qu, Jianbo Shi, Ligang Hu, Guibin Jiang

发表日期:20 March 2018

论文摘要:Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are the nanomaterials most widely used as antimicrobial agents in a range of consumer products, due to the environmental release of either the AgNPs themselves or silver ions. Although AgNPs appear to be more potent than silver ions, the mechanism behind the activity is not fully elucidated yet. The most common mechanism of toxicity of AgNPs proposed to date is the release of silver ions and/or the particle-specific functions. In this study, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a model for Gram-negative bacteria) was treated with AgNPs, and its proteomic response was comprehensively characterized to elucidate the antimicrobial mechanism of AgNPs in the microorganism. In total, 59 silver-regulated proteins (27 up-regulated and 32 down-regulated proteins) and 5 silver-binding proteins were identified. Bioinformatic analysis revealed that interference with the cell-membrane function and generation of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) were the main pathways for the antibacterial effect. The pattern of membrane proteins regulated by AgNPs was similar to that found for silver ions. In addition, the same silver-binding proteins were obtained with both AgNPs and silver ions, which indicated that AgNPs probably affect the cell membrane and react with proteins by releasing silver ions. The elevation of intracellular ROS relative to that with silver ions confirmed oxidative damage caused by AgNPs, which may be ascribed to the nano-characteristics and higher uptake efficiency of the particles. These results demonstrate that the antimicrobial activity of AgNPs is due to the synergistic action of release of dissolved silver ions and particle-specific effects. The proteomic analysis of silver-binding and silver-regulated proteins in the present study provides insight into the mechanism of antimicrobial activity of such nanomaterials.





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