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[转载]BibExcel A tool-box developed by Olle Persson

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BibExcel has been made available here courtesy of his creator, Olle Persson.


A tool-box developed by Olle Persson

BibExcel is designed to assist a user in analysing bibliographic data, or any data of a textual nature formatted in a similar manner.The idea is to generate data files that can be imported to Excel, or any program that takes tabbed data records, for further processing.

This tool-box includes a number of tools, some of them visible in the window and others hide behind the menues. Don't try to learn them all at once. Better to start with what you want to accomplish and then try out the tools for that purpose. Many of the tools can be used in combination to achieve the desired result.

So far bibexcel is a free-ware for academic non-profit use. Don't be too optimistic about my assistance when you start using the program. Still, please report bugs to me!

See BibExcel exercises at the bottom of this page!

Keywords (indicating what you can do with BibExcel):
bibliometrycitation analysisco-citationshared references, bibliographic coupling, cluster analysisprepare bibliometric maps for mapping with Pajek, NetDraw. BibExcel uses ISI records, SCI, SSCI, A&HCI, but BibExcel can also convert other formats  

Download the latest version updated in 2017

Always replace old bibexcel.exe with the newest one!
Latest up-date will show at the top of the BibExcel-window!

Also, download these help-files: bibexcel.hlp and bibexcel.cnt
Please note that these help-files are not updated as fast as the program.
In some instances you will also need this version of comdlg32.ocx to reside in c:\windows\system. But first, please rename the old comdlg32.ocx in case you will need it for other programs.
Installing BibExcel
Make a c:\bibexcel directory, and put the downloaded files there!
Now it might even work if you put the files in another drive and directory!
When you start bibexcel.exe the system will tell you if you'll need additional files.
Get them from the net or elsewhere.
BibExcel also runs under Linux using "wine"
Mapping - use Pajek!
BibExcel can produce net-files for co-authorships, co-citations etc, and then convert these for further analysis and visualization with Pajek. BibExcel can also make clu-files and vec-files for Pajek. Pajek is freely available on the net. Download this version to match the exercises below:

BibExcel exercises

Read more about the use of BibExcel in this "Festschrift"

How to cite BibExcel
If you use BibExcel, please inform the readers of where to find the software (here!) and please also cite this publication which has a good description of BibExcel:

Persson, O., R. Danell, J. Wiborg Schneider. 2009. How to use Bibexcel for various types of bibliometric analysis. In Celebrating scholarly communication studies: A Festschrift for Olle Persson at his 60th Birthday, ed. F. Åström, R. Danell, B. Larsen, J. Schneider, p 9–24. Leuven, Belgium: International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics.

Audiovisual Documentation

Furthermore videos of the course "Building collaborative networks" produced by the Polytechnic University of Valencia are here available and can help you to understand how to work with BibExcel.



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