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第八届Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics国际会议2016年10月在美丽的合肥举办,这是系列国际会议首次在亚洲国家举办,诚邀大家投稿,希望可以在合肥与您相见!


The 8th International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics (PED 2016) will be held on October 17–21, 2016 in Hefei, China. Previous seven conferences have been successfully held in Duisburg, Germany (2001), Greenwich, UK (2003), Vienna, Austria (2005), Wuppertal, Germany (2008), Gaithersburg, USA (2010), Zurich, Switzerland (2012) and Delft, the Netherlands (2014). PED 2016 Conference will offer an opportunity for professionals and scientists with different backgrounds to present and discuss new findings and applications in the field of pedestrian and evacuation dynamics and associated human behavior. The conference aims to provide suggestions for policy makers, planners, designers and emergency management to solve real world problems.

Conference topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Pedestrian movement mechanisms

  • Pedestrian behavior during disasters: theories, analysis, conclusions

  • Evacuation and pedestrian data collection from experiments and real events

  • Data collection techniques

  • Model development

  • Large-scale and transport modeling methods

  • Model validation/calibration

  • Public transport transfer terminals

  • Regional evacuation

  • Operational management of highly populated facilities

  • Engineering guidance

All abstracts must be in English and no longer than one page A4. The abstract template and submission details are available at the conference website. Please submit abstracts online via before March 10, 2016. All papers accepted for an oral presentation or poster will appear in the book of proceedings.

Please click here(require login) to submit abstract.

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