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Frontiers in Biology 2013年第6期cover story
2014-1-10 10:22
Cover Story The analysis of gene function in biological processes by usinggenetic mosaic animals has a long tradition, especially in geneticallytractable organisms. The recently developed MADM ( M osaic A nalysiswith D ouble M arkers) technology offers a uniq ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013年第6期文章
2014-1-10 10:13
REVIEW Dissection of gene function at clonal level using mosaic analysis with double markers Simon Hippenmeyer Abstract Full text Full text for users in China REVIEW Single-cell genomics: An overview ...
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Frontiers in Biology入选“2013年中国国际影响力优秀学术期刊”
热度 1 2014-1-10 10:10
刚刚揭晓的数据统计,Frontiers in Biology入选“2013年中国国际影响力优秀学术期刊”。这是对我刊的激励与肯定,希望广大学者继续支持本刊。 Frontiers in Biology 是由高等教育出版社出版、德国Springer公司海外发行。以网络版和印刷版两种形式出版。本届主编为约翰.霍普金斯大学的宋洪军教授。 Frontier ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013年第5期 Cover story
2013-10-15 09:49
Cover story Axonal regeneration in adult nervous system is the major barrier for successful recovery after central nervous system trauma. Poor regeneration of the adult nervous system is attributed to the low intrinsic regenerative capacity of adult neurons and the presence of an inhospita ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013年第5期文章
热度 1 2013-10-15 09:47
MINI-REVIEW Current approaches for efficient genetic editing in human pluripotent stem cells Bipasha Mukherjee-Clavin , Mark Tomishima, Gabsang Lee Abstract Full text Full text for users in China MINI-REVIEW MicroRN ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013年第4期文章
2013-10-15 09:42
Current Issue(issue 4, August 2013) MINI-REVIEW How two helicases work together within the TFIIH complex, a perspective from structural studies of XPB and XPD helicases Li Fan Abstract Full text REVIEW The perinucleolar compartment as ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013年第3期 cover story
2013-7-9 16:47
Cover story New neurons are generated throughout life in distinct areas of the mammalian brain. This process, called adult neurogenesis, has challenged previously held concepts about adult brain plasticity and opened novel therapeutic avenues to treat certain neuropsychiatric dis ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013 年第3期
2013-7-9 16:35
REVIEW A review of factors affecting the success of membrane protein crystallization using bicelles Ann C. Kimble-Hill Abstract Full text Full text for users in China REVIEW ROS-mediated regulation of CXCR4 in ...
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Frontiers in Biology下载量最高的5篇文章
2013-6-9 15:17
Frontiers in Biology下载量最高的5篇文章,免费下载 download ,点击右侧“Free:Sample articles即可看到此5篇文章。此5篇文章会定期更新,向读者免费开放。 2013年6月9日此5篇文章为: 10.1007_s11515-013-1263-1.pdf 10.1007_s11515-012-1201-7.pdf 10.1007_s1151 ...
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Frontiers in Biology 2013第2期封面故事(少突胶质细胞)
2013-4-28 09:29
Cover story Tra ditionally, oligodendrocytes are viewed as myelin-forming cells which guarantee saltatory conduction of action potentials through myelin sheath in vertebrate nervous system. However, accumulating evidence demonstrates that oligodendrocytes have many other functions indep ...
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