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Frontiers in Biology 第7卷第6期文章

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DNA methylation program during development[full text]

Feng C. ZHOU


Acid stress response in environmental and clinical strains of enteric bacteria[fll text]

Gabriel J. SWENSON, J. STOCHASTIC, Franklyn F. BOLANDER, Jr., Richard A. LONG


Oxidative stress, respiratory muscle dysfunction, and potential therapeutics in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease[full text]

Li ZUO, Allison H. HALLMAN, Marvin K. YOUSIF, Michael T. CHIEN


Differential regulation of cPLA2 and iPLA2 expression in the brain[full text]

Kazuhiro TANAKA, Nikhat J. SIDDIQI, Abdullah S. ALHOMIDA, Akhlaq A. FAROOQUI, Wei-Yi ONG


The super super-healing MRL mouse strain[full text]



Recent progress in the single-cell C4 photosynthesis in terrestrial plants[full text]

Shiu-Cheung LUNG, Makoto YANAGISAWA, Simon D. X. CHUONG


Signaling mechanisms integrating carbon and nitrogen utilization in plants[full text]

Yuying SANG, Wenfeng SUN, Zhenbiao YANG


Gene deletor: a new tool to address gene flow and food safety concerns over transgenic crop plants[full text]



Mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomics in cancer research[full text]

Xiao-Shan YUE, Amanda B. HUMMON


Wntless in Wnt secretion: molecular, cellular and genetic aspects[full text]

Soumyashree DAS, Shiyan YU, Ryotaro SAKAMORI, Ewa Stypulkowski, Nan GAO

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