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DNA甲基化,DNA methylation program during development

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近来收到印第安纳大学Feng C. ZHOU教授的一篇关于DNA甲基化的综述文章
 DNA methylation program during development

Feng C. ZHOU

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Stark Neuroscience Research Institute, Indiana University School Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA

Abatract  DNA methylation is a key epigenetic mark when occurring in the promoter region regulates the accessibility of the binding protein and gene transcription. DNA methylation is inheritable and can be de novo-synthesized, erased and reinstated, making it arguably one of the most dynamic upstream regulators for gene expression and the most influential pacer for development. Recent progress has demonstrated that two forms of cytosine methylation and two pathways for demethylation constitute ample complexity for an instructional program for orchestrated gene expression and development. The forum of the current discussion and review are whether there is such a program, if so what the DNA methylation program entails, and what environment can change the DNA methylation program. The translational implication of the DNA methylation program is also proposed. [full text]



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