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The Reasons for English Consultant
2021-1-8 19:42
I have good reasons for the job of English consultant. When I was in my earlier twenties, I attended a English Course for engineers by a tearcher of East China Normal University. This is a full time status study and I am the youngest in this class. The attendees all had good background. The ...
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Looking For Job (to E.C. Normal University)
2021-1-6 13:40
I am interested in the English language and have studied the ‘Element of Style’, the popular style manual. From the reading of Siencenet, I know many people have lot of confusions in general about the English style, which reflected from its title translation, ‘The princip ...
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Goodby Old Year 2020, Happy New Year
热度 1 2020-12-27 19:13
Hope new year will have a real good start and continue forever!
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Hello Everyone
2020-7-3 18:40
Hello Everyone Not see you for a very long time. Wish everyone happy and everything is right. See you later.
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Quantum Collapse
热度 1 2018-5-28 16:53
In quantum theory, quantum collapse is frequently used but not correctly used. In relation to quantum communication, it is often referred to the inability of duplication of information for security advandage. As a matter of fact, any information in quantum theory is duplicable. So t ...
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Logic Paradox
2018-5-28 14:39
Here is a problem that may trouble you somehow. Do heavier objects fall faster than other objects? By logic reasoning, people will get the same speed for all objects, but this is definitely not the right answer. Can get the right answer?
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Standing Wave
2018-5-24 19:15
Standing wave is a very strick wave that is hard to realize. So the hydrogen model can not contain standing wave. This is only a simple reminder for the much more complex atom models.
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Hello, Mr.
2018-5-24 18:52
I am happy with some old people like Mr. Jing not because he did right something but only for friend sake. For this reason, there are many people like Mr. Gao, Mr. Wang, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Du. and Mr. mr., there are too many people I haven't seen for a long time. As for the k-Sat problem th ...
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To Mr. Jiang Y.J.
2018-5-23 15:58
It's my pleasure to see you back again, and how are you? Are you all right? See you having solved k-Sat problem, this arouse my attention to the way of doing it. Satisfiability Problem is difficult but k-Sat problem is even more difficult, because transforming from Satisfiability ...
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