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Hello, Mr.

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I am happy with some old people like Mr. Jing not

because he did right something but only for friend

sake. For this reason, there are many people like

Mr. Gao, Mr. Wang, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Du. and Mr. mr.,

there are too many people I haven't seen for a long time.

As for the k-Sat problem that Mr. Jiang said he had

invented SPU that is specialized for this purpose.

I think that's his another big mistake. Why?

I don't think he know this problem from very beginning.

To convert a Satisfiability Problem to k-Sat problem, e.g.

3-Sat, you need to pad many assistant variables that have

no meaning at all and that process is very complicated.

I don't think he know its operation at all.

Not like he thinks that a very simple A, B, C, combination

constitute his 3-Sat problem, it's far from it. He just pick up

a sand, and there are heaps of them! After transformation,

if you are very clever, you will be bewildered surrounded

by a sea of data. And it hardly can go any further!

Hope he can truly go through all of the complexity of the problem.


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