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To Mr. Jiang Y.J.

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It's my pleasure to see you back again, and how are you?

Are you all right?

See you having solved k-Sat problem, this arouse my attention

to the way of doing it.

Satisfiability Problem is difficult but k-Sat problem is even more

difficult, because transforming from Satisfiability Problem to

k-Sat problem for only one item will need exponential complexity,

and you need transforming about exponential items for a complete

Satisfiability Problem. besides, each item need exponential initial

processing after you have transformed it.

So the k-Sat problem has the basic complexity of exponential over

exponential times!

That's why no one can have a satisfiable solution for k-Sat problem yet.

It's simply too complex to do so.

So I think you have not fully understand this problem now.

I am not looking for your problems but hope to help you understand

this complete problem and save your time and energy in your effort.

The same hope to Mr. Du in his effort in solving Hamiltonian problem.

as I think you shouldn't make this sort of mistakes again and again as

a professional.

And finally, hope we have less misunderstanding between all people and

best whishes.


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