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说明:这是一位有多篇外文sci在手的高手写的,主要是论文发表的一些流程,其中包含了与编辑通信的一些例子,很有借鉴意义,不敢独享,现全文转给大家!!! 近几个月来,有三篇文章被SCI源期刊接受发表,虽然心里清楚自己的实际水平不咋地,但还是比较高兴的,总结一下过程供大家参考。说的不对的地方望大家拍砖。觉得有帮助的同学就顶一下。


1. 上传或写信或发E-mail投递 Dear Prof. xxx(Editor): Attached(写信就用Enclosed) please find the latex(或者PDF) version of my paper entitled "xxx" with the kind request to consider it for publication in the journal xxx. The authors claim that none of the material in the paper has been published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere. Should you receive the paper, please send me a e-mail to confirm receipt of it. Thanks a lot in advance! Sincerely, yours xxx 地址稍加修改就可以作为一个上传时用的cover letter.

2. 收到中期决定 一般情况下,收到编辑部的来信,让作者根据审稿人的意见修改,并且在意见中看到审稿人推荐盖文章发表,就成功了一大半。以我收到的信为例: Dear Mr. xxx, Your manuscript, referenced above, has now been reviewed and the reviewer(s) have made suggestions which the Editor feels would improve your manuscript. The Editor encourages you to consider these comments and make an appropriate revision of your manuscript. The reviewer(s)' comments are below. Please submit your revision online within 4 weeks by logging onto the Elsevier Editorial System for the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications: The manuscript is now listed under "Submissions Needing Revisions." Click "Revise" when you are ready to submit your revision. 3 Please include a cover letter that addresses the issues raised in the below comments, point by point. You should also include a suitable rebuttal to any specific request for change that has not been made. Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your revised manuscript. With kind regards, xxx Associate Editor

3. 修改后再次上传我修改后上传,coverletter如下: Ms. No.: xxx Title: xxx Corresponding Author: xxx Authors: xxx Dear Editor: My manuscript, referenced above, has been revised according to the reviewer(s)’comments. I list the modifications as follows: (1)... (2)... (3)... We would like to thank the reviewer(s) for introducing the above literature to us. This is very helpful to our future study. If there are other errors or further requests, please contact me by e-mail. Sincerely, yours xxx 地址

4. 收到最终决定下面是我收到一例: Ms. No.: xxx Title: xxx Corresponding Author: xxx Authors: xxx Dear Mr. xxx, We are pleased to inform you that your manuscript referenced above has been accepted for publication in the Journal xxx. Many thanks for submitting your fine paper to the xxx. We look forward to receiving additional papers from you in the future. With kind regards, xxx Associate Editor

5. 收到版权转让声明以及抽印本订货单. 这封信比较长,不贴了,主要就是让你填好版权转让声明,因为已经赠送好多抽印本,所以不必再多订了,而且抽印本也是很贵的。接着要做的就是: . 填好版权转让声明、扫描后发送信如下: Our reference: xxx Editorial reference: xxx Title: xxx To be published in: xxx Dear xxx: Attached please find the scanned copy of the signed TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT of xxx. If there are other requests, please contact me by e-mail. I wonder when I can receive the proofs of xxx for correction.(问一句校样何时能收到) Should you receive this letter, please send me an e-mail to confirm receipt of my signed TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT. Many thanks in advance! Sincerely, yours xxx 地址

6. 收到校样及Author Query

7. 认真校对、认真填写Author Query后写信: Dear Editor, Thank you for your careful work. The proof of the article is wonderful. But because of my carelessness, there are some inaccuracies in the proof of the article and I list them as follows. Please correct them before publication. (1)... (2)... (3)... In addition, attached please find the scanned Author Query Form which has been filled in carefully. Should you receive this letter, please send me an e-mail to confirm receipt of it. Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, xxx 地址

8. 耐心等待出版

9. 看到文章挂到网上,得意中

10. 还得继续写文章,痛苦并没有结束。。。 写好后重复第一条 .

 11. 如此循环往复...


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