In Memory of Eugene Garfield

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In Memory of Eugene Garfield: A Review of His Life and Work

Eugene Garfield, a pioneer in the field of library and information science, founder of the Institute for Scientific Information and creator of the Science Citation Index, passed away on 26 February 2017. This article collection is based upon the Memorial Event on 15 Sept 2017, hosted by Meher Garfield and Clarivate Analytics, in which leading scholars combine to form a definitive tribute to Eugene Garfield. Contributing authors review Garfield’s contributions to information retrieval, research performance analysis, studies of the structure and dynamics of science, the sociology of science, and other topics. Papers presented at the event form the content of this collection, combining to give a unique picture of a field leader and his work, which will appeal to all those with an interest in Garfield and his legacy.
In this collection, we encourage the following types of contribution: review of Eugene Garfield’s contribution to the field of library and information science, especially in the subjects in which the author is specialized, primarily focusing on the scientific-scholarly merits of his work, but allowing space for personal experiences, views, and anecdotes.

Keywords: Eugene Garfield, Science Citation Index, citation indexing, bibliometric indicators, journal impact factor, historiography, research performance, science mapping

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