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纪念尤金·加菲尔德(1925-2017) Science Citation Index has inspired many generations of scientists, researchers, and far beyond. Here I humbly created three visualizations in memory of the legendary giant. The data was collected two hours ago from the Web of Science with an author search ...
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征稿启示:Mapping Science: Resources, Tools, and Benchmarks
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Frontiers Research Topic Mapping Science: Resources, Tools, and Benchmarks Submission Deadlines 31 March 2017 Abstract 31 July 2017 Manuscript About this Researc ...
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2016-5-18 21:11
SPECIALTY GRAND CHALLENGE ARTICLE Front. Libr. Inf. Sci | doi: 10.3389/flis.2016.00001 Grand Challenges in Measuring and Characterizing Scholarly Impact Chaomei Chen 1* 1 College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University, USA Setting the study of scholarly metrics and an ...
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