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(1) provide unique opportunities to investigate 提供独特的机遇来研究。。。

e.g. The unexpected association of this early outflow phase with large- and small- scale interstellar jets is an extraordinary development that may provide unique opportunities to investigate the physics of jet formation and supersonic gas flows in space.

(2) understanding of sth is still in its infancy 对...的理解还处于早期阶段。

e.g. However, despite the vast body of intriguing and valuable observational data that has been accumulated in an intensive efforts during the last five years, our understanding of outflow phenomena is still in its infancy. (Lada 1985)

(3) far from 离...还远

e. g. Remarkable progress has been achieved, and although we are far from the answers, the fundamental issues and questions are being clearly defined and formulated.

(4)pertaining to 与...有关;concerning 关于(注意不用加to)

e.g. In this review, I summarize the current status of our observational knowledge concerning energetic outflows associated with young stellar objects. Particular emphasis is placed on results derived from millimeter-wave molecular-line observations, which so far have provided some of the most dramatic and illuminating information pertaining to the energetic outflow phenomena.



(1) It is now generally believed that 目前人们普遍认为。。。

e.g. It is now generally believed that during the earliest stages of evolution , most, if not all, stars undergo a phase of very energetic mass ejection , frenquently characterized by the occurrence of massive bipolar outflows of cold molecular gas.

(2) appear to be 似乎,好像

These outflows appear to be driven by strong stellar winds, whose other notable manifestations include rapidly moving Herbig-Haro(H-H) objects, high-velocity water maser sources, shock-excited molecular hydrogen emission regions, and optically visible jets appearing to emanate directly from the immediate circumstellar environs of the young driving stars themselves.



(1) It has long been suspected that 很长时间以来人们就猜想(怀疑)。。。

e.g. It has long been suspected that young stars, especially those of low-to-intermediate mass, experience vigorous episodes of mass loss during their evolution to the main sequence.

(2) as a result of adv. 因此,由于;作为…的结果

e.g. As a result of all this, their incomes are up and land values have risen.


e.g. As a result of a series of remarkable and exciting observational discoveries made across the electromagnetic spectrum during the last five years, a new stage of early stellar evolution of unanticipated astrophysical importance has been identified.

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