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G 蛋白质受体的发现
Who is Bob Lefkowitz

Despite his early discovery, he and his associates have sometimes overreached to make quick conclusions on the specific roles of GPCR on many signaling pathways without thorough studies. Nevetheless, his early works deserve this recognition.


Lefkowitz is on the phone to Stockholm:

I'm feeling very very excited. I was fast asleep and the phone rang but I didn't hear it. I will share with you that I wear ear plugs. My wife gave me an elbow … and there it was, a total shock and surprise as many before me have experienced.

On his plans for the day:

I was going to have a haircut. If you could see me you would see it is quite a necessity.

Looks like the haircut will have to wait. It's going to be a busy day for Lefkowitz.

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