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2011-7-7 23:06
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Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic H2 production
2011-7-5 12:55
Visible light driven photocatalytic H2 production.pdf ABSTRACT: The production of clean and renewable hydrogen through water splitting using photocatalysts has received much attention due to the increasing global energy crises. In this study, a high efficiency of the photocatalytic H2 produ ...
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2011-4-30 13:47
国家纳米科学中心宫建茹研究组招收化学、材料、生物和物理专业背景并与我组研究方向相近的副研究员、助理研究员和博士后, 有意者请发送简历至 gongjr@nanoctr.cn
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Graphene doping: A review
2011-4-30 13:33
Graphene doping-A review.pdf Abstract: Graphene, a new material for the electron-device community, has many extraordinary properties. Especially, it provides a perfect platform to explore the unique electronic property in absolutely two-dimensions. However, most electronic applications are han ...
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Controllable N-Doping of Graphene
2010-12-8 15:22
Controllable N-Doping of Graphene.pdf
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Label-free attomolar detection of proteins by nanosensor
2010-11-17 15:53
Label-free attomolar detection of proteins by nano ABSTRACT:High-sensitivity screening of biomarkers is critical to areas ranging from early disease detection and diagnosis to bioterrorism surveillance. Here the development of integrated nanoelectronic and electrokinetic devices for label-f ...
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Controllable distribution of single molecules
2010-11-17 15:51
Controllable distribution of single molecules
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Self-assembled supramolecular rectangle
2010-11-17 15:50
Self-assembled supramolecular rectangle
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