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Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic H2 production

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ABSTRACT: The production of clean and renewable hydrogen through water splitting using photocatalysts has received much attention due to the increasing global energy crises. In this study, a high efficiency of the photocatalytic H2 production was achieved using graphene nanosheets decorated with CdS clusters as visible-light-driven photocatalysts. The materials were prepared by a solvothermal method in which graphene oxide
(GO) served as the support and cadmium acetate (Cd(Ac)2) as the CdS precursor. These nanosized composites reach a high H2-production rate of 1.12 mmol h1 (about 4.87 times higher than that of pure CdS nanoparticles) at graphene content of 1.0 wt % and Pt 0.5 wt % under visible-light irradiation and an apparent quantum efficiency (QE) of 22.5% at wavelength of 420 nm. This high photocatalytic H2-production activity is attributed predominantly to the presence of graphene, which serves as an electron collector and transporter to efficiently lengthen the lifetime of the photogenerated charge carriers from CdS nanoparticles. This work highlights the potential application of graphene-based materials in the field of energy conversion.




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