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澳大利亚气候变化学者Michael Raupach教授生平

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近日,澳大利亚气候变化学者Michael Raupach教授去世。他长期服务于CSIRO,我2005年参加一个研讨会见过他。我博士生期间也读过他的不少理论性很强的论文,做湍流、陆气交换的。他国际碳循环项目的主席。


Professor Raupach had a long career at CSIRO and was the inaugural co-chairman of theGlobal Carbon Project, an international project studying the natural and humaninfluences on the global carbon cycle. He was also a contributing author of theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report.

He became the ANU Climate Change Institute director in 2014.


During his career he published morethan 150 scientific papers and 50 reports, and edited two books. Vice-chancellorProfessor Ian Young said Professor Raupach made a tremendous contribution toclimate research.

"Mike was a dedicated scientistand wonderful science communicator. He will be deeply missed by his manyfriends and colleagues both at the ANU and throughout Australia's sciencecommunity," he said. Former Climate Change Institute director ProfessorWill Steffen said Professor Raupach was "brilliant at connecting hisscience" with the community.



I was just informed that Mike Raupach,formerly of CSIRO Environmental Mechanics Lab in Canberra passed away.


This is a great loss to his family, friendsand the scientific community.  He hasbeen a pioneer throughout his career on canopy-atmosphere turbulence,evaporation and the carbon cycle.


Early in his career he developed one of thefirst infrared hygrometers and used this to make pioneering eddy covariancemeasurements of evaporation.  He is bestknown for his work developing Lagrangian theory that helped understand thecauses and mechanisms of counter gradient transport in and near plantcanopies.  He elaborated on invoking therole and analogy of mixing layer theory causing non local transport at thisshear interface.  In recent years hejumped scales and worked on the Global Carbon Project and was very instrumentalin many of the updates in the global carbon balance.


He was highly regarded by his peers, winningnumerous fellowships, was a patient and excellent instructor, and a kindindividual.


His memory and scientific contributionsshould live on.


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