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来自心怿的诗 (203)

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"Galaxyfragrance, Mr. Heming, the star center, Grand View Garden (rather than a big garden, Phoenix in my test clearly), which is the base of sensitive topics, before the other doubt notlifted, I am careful is better." So I smile and nod, no longer speak.


But I can guess, in accordance with the base current scale, five-pointed star South angle traffic busy degree, the estimated total number of average angle is about fifty thousand people, plus the number in the center area, so the total number of the base is about three hundred thousands.


If the young men share of forty percentages of the total number, then a one hundred and twentyt housand army is no problem, addition to equip with advanced high-tech, the army is sufficient to form a guerrilla war threat to the new coalition government of the NCS city circle.


More important, almost always have cloned form distribution of Galaxy fragrance of Mr. Heming field of life forms is much higher than that of the coalition government of the Bureau, how many basis led under the state of life form, for me is unknown, but it is not one.


In addition, a number of "the fifth column" in favor of their assumptions in the coalition government, launched a guerrilla in the base collaborate from within or outside with forces, so causing destruction and terror lest, such disaster ruins as outside everywhere is difficult to measure.


Of course, the United regime is not a vegetarian, but I cannot send induction wave, or within twenty-four hours, the presidium of the most elite of the first legion of the aircraft, can carry thousands of terrible light antimatter missiles, put here to blow up to the stone age. But even if can issue, I would like to do?


The car starts to slide. Spot color building in the endless green blowing, a huge white round top of building rapidly display in front of us, in the green spots on the chain, it is particularly eye-catching, and still has a few domineering.


Phoenix remains silent, her face likes mirror-like lake, just reflecting the dark and bright pixel of outside world and putting her own inner landscape to be hidden in the surging undercurrent of the lake surface.


Here is the Grand View Garden is located? Which is related with Mr. He Ming? Nothing can make clear. The silence as a breeze gently waves between me and her.



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