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来自心怿的诗 (200)

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Has come to the most dangerous moment in deathly quiet, thisdazzling beautiful fighters with superposition of her soul force and the spiritof advanced creatures penetrate through me, and digging my soul mountain land withsuch a soft way.


The severe situation surprised me even a little thought waveletcan't roll up, hurry into the five level of universal resonating status, so that the mind is a blank, make my memory and personality of the truth hidden in the depths of my mind chaos.


However, the scanning of superposition thinking wave for her and the senior life behind her is so smart and strong that it makes me almost to moan.


More beat all is, she let my spirit world with a gust of wind, provoked a rapid diffusion of solitons. It is the Phoenix and the senior life behind her invading psyche to drive these solitons.


This sets off a wave of unbelievable anxiety, sadness, longing, to deep from my heart not to be touched, like the rainy season over a thunder storm erupts, starts washing my entire soul mountain and the earth.


I am painfully curled, a pair of eyes flashed the Overfly girl, with Ping Ping eyes overlap, I am shaking like a furious storm fluttering leaves.


Finally the Newton's third law which was found in the distant times starts to work, Phoenix reaction body likes an earthquake, superposition spirit from my heart border as tide water returned, she loudly exclaim: "Professor! What about you?”


Strange illusion finally disappeared, how is this to return a responsibility? I wonder why my heart is like hiding a lot of forgotten something, and by Phoenix superposition spirit contact, my soul is illuminated by the memory as the fine weather after the rain the sun?


I remember when I transformed Super-man the Overfly girl's eyes had appeared continuously. When I woke, academician Ellis miscalled me as Chau Jie.


But I know my true status is not Chau Jie, I'm Luoman Lorrain, or I really is Chau Jie? This is not possible, because the Chau Jie has been sent on a road of no return, Roman Lorrain is a simulated Chau Jie, container is completely different, the Presidium and Yu Zhoufeng won't cheat me, because they are honest with people, knows the universal values very well, are they?



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