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来自心怿的诗 (154)

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然而我发现这弓越拉到后来就越费劲,尽管我体内的先天真气已经完全调动起来,全身的肌肉都澎湃着强大的力量但是当银白色的硬弓被拉开80% 左右的时候,九级宇宙共振态先天真气却已经无法再将弓弦扩张哪怕1厘米。



But his saying instead to cause my heart trying, I give a hearty laugh, saying: "I just try!" Then, I start to enter seventh level of universal resonating status immediately.


The referee nods to say: "That is good, I also want to open mind, I have not seen anyone can pull open this bow as half arc."


I believe now, even if the blue race strongest brave warriors only can pull out a radian of this bow. The bow itself weight is quite fearful, in the hand if there is no 500 kilogram above strength, you are simply impossible to rise it evenly, as for pulls open it, I don't know whether beyond human physical limits?


I entrain one the most thick arrow from the arrow pot, put it on the bowstring, the both legs stand as lunge, and raise the hand silver-white color bow slowly. As in the order poured into the hot blast, the surrounding atmosphere begin to warm.


The blue girl and supporters sounds transmit unceasingly; I feel my naive Qi expanded to my whole body from the below Dantian sunshine, my body blood seethes with excitement.


The 300 kilograms weights comparing with the seventh level of universal resonating condition is not big actually, I am relaxed to lift the silver white bow to the shoulder parallel position, an arm not shivering. My right hand puts on the bowstring and opens pulling slowly.


However as soon as I draw the bowstring, I only then understand why the referee could tell me a moment ago. The silver white bow toughness and hardness is so strong, that is fantastic, I even doubt whether it is from the planet materials.


Under utilizing first naive Qi in seventh level of universal resonating condition, unexpectedly I only can pull half arc by mine strength.


But even if is so, the referee and the periphery other contestants all are startled looking at me, even all already have forgotten their own competing.


Time is like solidification, surrounding the fluorescence for discoloration.


I have the courage, hurriedly enter the ninth level of universal resonating condition the naive Qi suddenly bursts out the violet ray, along with the violet ray sparkling; the silver white color hard bow is pulled open.



I find that, this bow more pulling afterwards more using energy, my naive Qi already completely transferred in my vivo, the whole body muscle is rushing the formidable strength. But, when the silver white hard bow is pulled to about 80%, the ninth level of universal resonating condition naive Qi already is unable to expand anymore bowstring.



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