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来自心怿的诗 (82)

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I am calm about feelings, landing softly on the huge red gem crystal square; facing the sea, back to the temple, surrounded by exotic scenery is really incredible.


A gently around the ring tone at the same time, I suddenly shock, this is clearly music that sounds in a strange cadence, perfect to be placed in between syllables and the scale, the critical system itself has a profound characteristics of heart and soul comes with a breathtaking emotional, allow one to be very sad, or highly to enjoy, without controlling.

I take a deep breath, let fresh air into the lungs unknown intoxicating, I am aroused, and to close my mind, try to make music weakened.

My brain wave surrounds me, and I slowly climb the stone steps of plaza in other side towards sea. In fact to reach the maximum the main hall only needs a few maneuvers leaping, but I can not pretend indulging in wild guesses, after all, any highly civilized creatures are like etiquette, ability to complete the board climbing with my feet shows a kind of sincerity.

Like the universe left me and it, the two creatures firstly meet from the different world; what is evolutionary level arrived at other side? It is a master of MS? Everything is not clear, which appears that only listen to fate.

Music once again to strengthen the shock filled, and the huge plaza at the center reveals two holographic sculpture, a shocking image of both shape as Earth humanity, magnanimous naked, without any clothing.

Statue of piece of holographic information is clearly carried by the music coming. I enjoy looking hard, and immediately see my breath rise and fall, heart rate, intuitive feeling that this sculpture should describe the non-dual-earth female and male, but males in front of the statue closer to me, while the female statue actually to me, completely cannot speak rationally, as an indescribable charm.

The direction of their eyes on the connections between sky and sea, born eyes come alive very complex conflicts, such as warm and cold, loss but confident, I am afraid that they are as me generally unaware of the self-situation, do not understand meaning of the self-existence, and overlooking the sea and the universe empty, silently telling something.

Their eyes, enough to set off a storm in my heart, which is similar to the pair of unspeakable charm eye that I see in the dream. Are they the Galaxy people in MS?

Shifting to emergence of many ideas, the men and women holographic statue stands in the plaza to explain what? It is the original meaning of life itself, the performance of clues? However, increasing mystery comes, I violently breathing, emotional ups and downs of feelings.

  "Who are you? Which galaxies of world do you come from? "



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