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来自心怿的诗 (81)

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But I still cannot feel the level of informational energy for the living creature in the temple, it is clear its level is much higher than the level I have, because the closer the more I felt its energy pulling me flight, while my thinking wave know nothing about the structure of its energy.


Blue planet's atmosphere around me broke out in strong color light, like colorful flowers around me, there in front of the deep blue ocean, like a vast expanse of blue jade set in bright sunlight, full of life, vision cleared, and having fresh air.


I begin to feel the ocean is a sea full of life, but can not determine how complex or powerful creatures living in it, but why my thinking wave feeling nothing before? Is the power of the temple in the biological field enough to shield them up?


Oblique filling I fly down, impose a negative acceleration, jitter around the glow until the surface of the above, and then close to the sea level flight, so that the wind speed flying next to me, how pleasant.


The sun fell behind, and gradually vanishing in the below sea level, a huge red moon appear to middle sky in the blue planet, sowing the bright light red, so that all the other stars or moons in the night sky are as bleak.


Gradually, in front of mountains, imposing surrounded by the sea, it is even higher more than any of a mountain on the earth and the highest point of the mountain seems to have been exposed to a huge red moon, this is really amazing.


In fact it is the mountain top standing the temple, the temple of its triangular arched top, has become the highest profile mountain. As jumping up the mountain suddenly was pulled upward the level of see face, no doubt to strengthen the temple of supernatural mystery, turned out spectacular.


Temple is magnificent, its bottom diameter of 22 meters from the 120 large columns supporting the front hall of the building as the main group, the big stone steps from the layers of connections, the underlying connection of a huge square, facing the sea.


Not difficult to imagine, dare to set foot on the square of any creature, will naturally rise to look up to that high in the sky, hold up to 120 pillars of the temple, it is easy to be shaken by its grandeur, give birth to pay homage to the heart, this is not another "Babel," it?


I do not know what are materials composition of matter for the building, under the red light of the moon, they are like a very huge pink gem, accompanied by carved out of the sculpture, the majestic yet elegant glossy color halo is as a charm of pearl in the planet quiet night.


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