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install latest version of Firefox under Linux OS
2012-7-27 01:13
install latest version of Firefox under Linux OS
Many Linux OS doesn't contain the Firefox up to date repository, even some only support 3.6.X version. On the other hand, firefox released new version every few weeks and the performance improved a lot especially the latest 15.0 because the memory leaks problem is fixed since this version. ...
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20 years of SUSE Linux
2012-4-13 13:56
20 years of SUSE Linux
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Solution for Skype sound in Suse Linux Enterprise 10
2011-2-5 16:57
There is some problem when we try to configure the sound device in Skype under SLE 10. It always said: skype: relocation error: skype: symbol snd_device_name_hint, version ALSA_0.9 not defined in file with link time reference Here is the solution: 1. add the following source from ...
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Release Notes for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP4
2011-2-5 03:26
Version 10.4.4, 21. January 2011 Abstract These release notes are generic for all SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 based products. Some parts may not apply to a particular architecture/product. Where this is not obvious, the respective architectures are listed explicit ...
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Reinstall Grub in SUSE
2011-1-14 18:05
When bi-system was installed in one computer,especially both windows andLlinux, we may reinstall one of them. The Grub of Linux would be destroyed when the windows system is update and it would be necessary to reinstall Grub in this case, otherwise we have to reinstall the whole Linux OS. Comma ...
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Foldit, a structure biology scientific game
热度 1 2010-8-28 15:16
As you may know, the newest Fold-it update includes support for Lua Scripting . In very basic terms, Lua is a simple programming language that we can use to manipulate proteins and automate repetitive tasks -- much like we already do with the Cookbook. A script is actually quite similar ...
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