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What to expect from btrfs file system on openSUSE 13.2?
2014-11-12 18:40
November 12th, 2014 by Douglas DeMaio From As the first major Linux distribution to have btrfs as the default file system , what can users and developers expect from openSUSE 13.2? How is the systems capabilities enhanced? Btrfs h ...
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SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 release notes
2014-10-30 15:42
From free Download: Release Notes These release notes are generic for all SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 based products. Some parts may not apply to particular architectures or p ...
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install NVIDIA Optimus for laptop
2014-5-23 03:28
Nowadays, it is quite common and popular to have two dedicated graphic cards in laptop: usually, one is intergrated (eg: intel HD4xxx ) and the other is indepedent (eg: Nvidia GTX xxx). Such strategy can save laptop energy if we use integrated card for document task; while we can switch to inde ...
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convert multimedia between different formats
2014-5-5 04:00
Converting multimedia between different formats can be needed for different purposes. Although there are many tools under Windows, it is still feasible for such task under Linux OS including both command line and GUI end tool. Here are some popular methods for such purposes: ...
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Linux Kernel 3.13 released
2014-1-21 04:09
From : Linux 3.13 Linux 3.13 was released on Sun, 19 Jan 2014. Summary : This release includes nftables, the successor of iptables, a revamp of the block layer designed for high-performance SSDs, a power capping framework to cap power consumption ...
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SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3 Authorized Beta Program
2013-2-15 00:37
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3  Authorized Beta Program
Words from SUSE developer: "We plan to have a call together with each Beta release, where we highlight some topics. Let me invite you to the Kick Off call in our Beta Test, where SUSE Linux product managers will present new features in SLE 11 SP3..."
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SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3 is on the road
2013-2-7 18:43
2013-02-14 SLE 11 SP3 Beta 1 + Conference call: New features 2013-02-28 SLE 11 SP3 Beta 2 + Conference call: UEFI + Secureboot 2013-03-07 Mid Survey 2013-03-14 SLE 11 SP3 Beta 3 + Conference call: HA + Geo 2013-04-04 SLE 11 SP3 Beta 4 + Co ...
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dos2unix, simple and helpful command
2013-1-26 01:34
Recently my colleague N provided me a script converting Desmond Viparr1 format into Vippar3 format. When I tried to run it under my Linux OS, it always claimed: : command not foundine 30: awk: cmd. line:1: fatal: cannot open file `XJUNKX' for reading (No such file or directory) awk: cmd. li ...
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DirSync Pro, a powerful and free file sync tool
2012-11-23 18:53
DirSync Pro, a powerful and free file sync tool
Here Irecommenda free file sync tool:DirSync Pro which works under Linux, Windows and macOS. Although it based on JAVA, it is stillamazingfast when sync files between local disk and USB hard disk. Download link: ...
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Install SUSE LINUX on macBookPro 10.8.2
热度 1 2012-10-20 02:07
Install SUSE LINUX on macBookPro 10.8.2
It is definitely a completely nightmare of macOS for computational work: Schrodinger software is so slow in apple and the "talbe" menu even cannot be open; VMD always crashed as soon as it start; there is no Discoverystudio version under macOS.... For computational purpose, we need a Linux O ...
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