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creating USB stick Windows/Linux installer under Linux

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Nowadays it is more and more popular to install an OS from usb stick because of it is faster than DVD disk and rewriterable. Here are some Linux tools for creating USB stick installer for Windows and Linux.

(1)WINUSB: creating Windows usb installer from ISO image or real DVD

download from

The usage of WINUSB is quite straightforward: select ISO images or DVD path, click install.

(2) SUSE Studio Image Writer: creating Linux usb installer

download from

Click the harddisk icon to select your Linux OS image, and choose correct Flash disk from pull down tab. Clicking "write" to start the job.

(3)Using command line to create USB installer for either Linux or Windows

after inserting your usb stick, you can find out what device it is:

~> su# grep -Ff <(hwinfo --disk --short) <(hwinfo --usb --short)

write ISO to USB:

# umount /dev/sdX# dd if=/path/to/OS.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

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