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openSUSE Leap 15.0 released
2018-5-28 04:28
Download: Release notes Release Notes REPORT BUG # openSUSE Leap is a free and Linux-based operating system for your PC, Laptop or Server. You can surf the Web, manage your e-mails and photos, do office work, play videos or mu ...
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Minimizing all windows
2017-12-8 06:11
The traditional show desktop button in the task bar of GNOME is gone since 3.x version. This is extremely inconvenient when we want to see the files in our desktop with multiple windows opening. However, a gnome-shell-extension, known asminimize all, can minimize all open windows ...
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Martini Coarse-Graining Workshop 2017
2017-4-26 22:12
Where : University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands: When : August 20-25, 2017. The workshop starts Sunday, August 20, 20:00 hou ...
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generating MP4 files supporting HTML5 preview
2017-2-22 22:41
Making a movie to show the simulation results has became a more and more popular task in computational structural biology. However, the raw movies generated by many tools, including VMD, ffmpeg or mencode, do not support playing .mp4 files in a Web browser. This is mainly because these tools ...
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WPS 10.1 for Linux released
2016-6-27 04:33
WPS Office for Linux Alpha21 Addresses: wps-office_10.1.0.5672~a21_i386.deb SHA1SUM: a5e33090a58289db4b6ed7c0a05532e51428f9a7 wps-office_10.1.0.5672~a21_amd64.deb SHA1SUM: 80d884c47eaeee3305958ed87e61eafbee30b0cf wps-office- SHA1SUM: b49bf9567ea ...
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SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4 release nots
2015-8-10 22:42
Download: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is the market's onlyenterprise-quality Linux desktop ready for routine business use.Developed and backed by SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides market-leadingusability, ...
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creating USB stick Windows/Linux installer under Linux
2015-3-5 15:20
Nowadays it is more and more popular to install an OS from usb stick because of it is faster than DVD disk and rewriterable. Here are some Linux tools for creating USB stick installer for Windows and Linux. (1)WINUSB: creating Windows usb installer from ISO image or real DVD download from ...
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Schrodinger 2015-1 released
热度 2 2015-2-11 21:32
From New features: Molecular Dynamics New mixed all-atom/coarse grain (AACG) capability (command line only) Enables more rapid simulation of proteins in water and membranes Protein-ligand pocket detection with AACG pocket_finde Maest ...
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best PDF editor under Linux
2014-12-11 22:05
Master PDF Editor, a conveient and smart XPS and PDF editor for Linux Master PDF Editor provides you advanced functions for working with PDF and XPS formats: • Create new PDF and XPS files or edit existing ones. • Add and/or edit bookmarks in PDF files. • F ...
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Fix NTFS disk error under linux
2014-11-17 22:41
When writting files into a NTFS disk under Linux, errors may occur. For instance, we plug out the disk accidently when the system is still copying files into disk. In this case, there would be some errors of the file system and Linux cannot read the disk correctly next time when we plug into Linux ...
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