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Zhen-hua Mei Publishes New Research Theory About "What caused the Big Bang?"

Apr 23, 2019

According to Space, an International Media Group and a leading digital publisher, "The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it says the universe as we know it started with a small singularity, then inflated over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today." According to Mei, The Big Bang is of course the most important conclusion in cosmology by means of the theory of general relativity. However, the detailed mechanism in physics from the point of view of structure and elementary particles is not present in it.

After in-depth research, Mei's findings showed that in the model used in the experiment, the electron could become the antiproton by compressing. Mei observed that the aforementioned was a new conception in elementary particle physics and that it played an important role in the Big Bang. Another intelligible finding was that the rest mass and energy could easily convert into each other in the process of the Big Bang.

Mei's research concluded that once the observations regarding the new types of elementary particle reaction and charge reaction proposed in the paper were appended, it could be said that one arrived at a view of nearly a perfect physics. According to Mei, the reasoning of logic, theories and laws seemed to be constructed in a circle. The final conclusion was that "The Big Bang was caused by a new type of charge reaction process beginning with a high-density point of 3.10343 x 1023 g/cm3 in the centre"

One may question as to why the research on Big Bang is important and how does it benefit the Homo sapiens. In simple words, it may help human beings to understand their existence. The Big Bang explains most facts of science that are seen today in nature and it decodes most of the data available. Some scientists believe that the big bang is not a theory, rather a prediction of general relativity for an expanding universe.  The different views often create a stir in the field of astrophysics and it leads to contemplation on this subject. Hence, Mei's brilliant research too is a valuable addition in this field and hopefully, some more curious minds can build upon this great work.



梅的研究得出结论,一旦论文中提出的关于新型基本粒子反应和电荷反应的观察结果被添加进来,就可以说得出了一个近乎完美的物理学观点。根据梅的说法,逻辑、理论和定律似乎是构成了一个循环。最后的结论是,“大爆炸是由一种新型的电荷反应过程引起的,其中心的高密度点为 3.10343 x 1023 g/cm


Source: After Neutron Was Compressed: the Big Bang

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