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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Weisheng Lu, for his continuous guidance and continuous support during my doctoral program. His advice helps me in all the time of research and thesis writing. He has taught me how to think deeply and critically, which is important for my future career. 

I would like to thank my co-supervisor Professor Steve Rowlinson for his help in the past four years. I am grateful to Dr. Yi Peng, Dr. Fan Xue, and Dr. Ray R. Zhong for their supports whenever I am in difficulties. My sincere thanks also go to Dr. Pingbo Tang, for his suggestions during my exchange to Arizona State University. 

I would like to thank Professor George Huang, Professor Thomas Ng, and Professor Geoffrey Shen for their help in the ITF project (ITP/045/13LP). I would like to thank the staff members of Gammon Construction Limited, Ying Yun Transportation Limited, Wing Hong Shun Enterprise Limited, and Hong Kong Housing Authority, who contributed to this research by providing their invaluable feedbacks for the case study. 

I am very grateful to my colleagues: Dr. Hongdi Wang, Mr. Diandian Liu, Ms. Meng Ye, Ms. Yuhan Niu, Ms. Jing Wang, Ms. Jinying Xu, and Ms. Xi Chen for their assistance and valuable comments along the way. 

My special thanks to Dr. Yudian Zheng, Dr. Gangyan Xu, Dr. Zhengdao Li, Mr. Chenzhe Liu, Mr. Jinyang Li, Mr. Yutong Liang, Ms. Tian Bu, and Ms. Wenpei Xing for their encouragements, supports, and faithful friendship. 

Last but not least, I am full of gratitude to my wife, Dr. Linzi Zheng, and my parents for their persistent love and unconditional supports. 



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