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特刊:Built Environment Challenges and Opportunities in the Decade of the SDGs

期刊:Discover Sustainability

客座编辑:Usha Iyer-Raniga


Constructing and operating the built environment has a significant impact on resource use and greenhouse gas emissions. The SDGs were announced in 2015 with the timeframe from 2016-2030. We have now spent the first five years already without a clear direction of how we will respond to the sustainability challenges particularly in the emerging regions of the world. We urgently need to decouple the built environment impacts with news ways of planning, designing, building and operating the built environment.

This Topical collection will focus on challenges and opportunities for supporting our transition to sustainable built environments. We are seeking inputs from academics, reseachers and experts on policy, education and training, technical tools and case studies across various scales of the built environment. We are looking for links with the SDGs across goals, targets and specific indicators across local, regional or global scales.


特刊:Quantum Standardization

期刊:EPJ Quantum Technology

客座编辑:Rhys Lewis, Mark J Everitt


Many national governments around the world are investing significantly in the potential for economic growth and increased opportunity based on new systems, products and services using the quantum properties of materials. These properties are best described by the equations of quantum physics and the resulting devices and systems are collectively known as quantum technologies. 

These include the increased sensitivity of quantum sensors and imaging devices, the increased precision of quantum clocks, the increased security of quantum communication, and the increased power of quantum computers.

As those technologies near market there needs to be a parallel increased focus on building a solid industrial base, including the creation of new standards and possible new regulations to form part of the developing industrial and commercial landscape for quantum technologies. 

Standards will play an important part in enabling integration of quantum devices into wider complex systems. The existence of standards supports the test and measurements needed for validation of quantum enabled measurement systems and procedures. By achieving global agreement on how measurements should be made, expressed, and used, we can be sure that measurements will be stable over time, comparable with others and accurate, allowing known confidence in measurement results. 

In this special issue, we invite authors to submit contributions which describe (for a wide audience) recent work towards the development of new standards for quantum technologies. In particular, authors from industry and applied research organizations, but also from academia, are invited to submit contributions that fit this theme. The editors are interested to see any articles which are supportive of a measured approach to standardisation; enabling innovation while not restricting creativity.


特刊:Advances in reservoir description, modelling, and simulation

期刊:SN Applied Sciences

客座编辑:Dr. Yonghui Wu, Dr. Hao Xiong, Dr. Xiang Rao, Dr. Pin Jia  & Dr. Hao Liu


Oil and natural gas are the necessary energy for human life, and also have a significant impact on the world political and economic patterns. To exploit oil and gas resources stored in the underground reservoirs and optimize the development mode with good recovery effect, it is necessary to first describe the reservoir by means of seismic, logging and geological research, then model the reservoir, and conduct simulation research on relevant development technologies. The whole process contains rich scientific and engineering problems, involving petroleum engineering, geology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and other fields. In recent ten years, the rise of unconventional oil and gas resources represented by shale and tight oil and gas has also brought many new advances in reservoir description, modelling and simulation, which is also the topic of this collection.


特刊:AI-empowered Education and Training

期刊:Discover Artificial Intelligence

客座编辑:Okyay Kaynak & Kerry J. Kennedy


During the last two decades, profound technological changes have taken place around us, supported by disruptive advances both on the software and hardware sides. While the boundaries between different disciplines are eroding with ensuing convergence, a thorough discussion on what engineering education should be like in the future is necessary and timely. Artificial intelligence is expected to play a major role in the future of engineering applications, including education and education technologies. For example, due to the rapid technological advances, the upskilling/reskilling of the current workforce has become an important issue for both the employer and the employee. With its recent human-in-the-loop capabilities, AI provides excellent opportunities to achieve the goal very rapidly and adaptively according to the cognitive level of the trainee(s). If we consider the upskilling of pilots as an example, the hardware, the software, and the courseware used in flight simulators (at the age of metaverse, may be in the form of VR) can adaptively be changed according to the existing knowledge and experience level and the learning speed of the trainee, as determined by BCIs (brain-computer-interfaces), body sensors and cameras. With bi-directional BCI, it may even be possible to identify hidden skills. These thoughts are the motivation behind the decision for the curation of this topical collection.

Topics of Interest:

The scope of the collection will cover but not be limited to:

- Artificial Intelligence (DL, ML and RL) in education

- Big Data and Data Analytics in education

- Blockchain technology in education

- Immersive (VR, AR, MR and ER) technologies in education

- Robotic Process Automation as an operation mode

- Personalized learning using AI

- AI-enabled re-skilling and upskilling


特刊:Biomanufacturing Driven by Synthetic Biology

期刊:Bioresources and Bioprocessing

客座编辑: Yongjin Zhou, Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro & Lun Yao


Biomanufacturing plays a more important role in sustainable production of chemicals, biofuels and else, while synthetic biology will make biomanufacturing economically feasible. Bioresources and Bioprocessing (BIOB) plans to publish a Special Issue with the subject of “Biomanufacturing Driven by Synthetic Biology” during April-December, 2022. All papers on biomanufacturing and synthetic biology/biotechnology are welcome.

Starting from January 2022, article-processing charges (APCs) are applied to all accepted manuscript. But to encourage submission, the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, as the host of BIOB, is willing to offer a 20% discount of the APC after negotiation with the publisher. The first Impact Factor of BIOB (2020) is 4.578, ranking No. 42/159 in the JCR category of Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology.

Both reviews and research articles are welcome. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Synthetic biology

Metabolic engineering and biosynthesis

Systems biology and bioinformatics

Enzyme engineering

Bioprocess engineering

Biorefinery technology

Biofuels and biochemicals


特刊:Enzymes and Sustainable Food Future

期刊:Discover Food

客座编辑:Ademola Hammed


Enzymes play important roles in attaining a sustainable food future for the increasing world population. Due to their action specificity and mild processing conditions requirement, enzymes have become essential agents in achieving controllable and sustainable processing. The enzymatic process occurs in water medium reducing the need and release of toxic chemicals. Enzymes form the main components of most smart food technologies including biosensors and active packaging. Via enzyme aided hydrolysis of proteins to produce peptides of distinct fingerprints for food analysis, authentication and traceability. Enzymes have also been found useful for oil, polysaccharides, protein and bioactive compounds extraction. Although high enzyme costs challenge the future of enzyme-food applications, emerging technological improvements in bioengineering, protein engineering, enzyme immobilization and reuse have the potential to lower enzyme costs.


特刊:Nonlinear Dynamics of engineering systems

期刊:Scientific Reports

客座编辑:Chris G. Antonopoulos, Lingzhong Guo, Paolo Tiso & Yongguang YU


Nonlinearities are ever-present in various engineering problems and play a crucial role in the analysis, design, and control of engineering systems as they can drastically change the dominant dynamical response. Whilst nonlinear phenomena have traditionally been overlooked and associated with unexpected or undesired behaviour, recent advances in nonlinear dynamics have unveiled the benefits and great potential of nonlinear dynamical behaviours in a wealth of engineering applications in different areas, such as vibration control, energy transfer, metamaterials, microelectronics, and biomimetic systems, just to name a few.

This Collection will be devoted to the latest advances towards understanding and exploiting the benefits of nonlinearity in current and future engineering applications. We will consider primary research in the fields of engineering, computational science, robotics, energy, materials science, applied physics, networks dynamics and complex systems.


特刊:Solutions towards zero plastic pollution

期刊:Scientific Reports

客座编辑:Wan-Ting (Grace) Chen, Paola Fabbri & Jing Sun


Thanks to their durability and versatility, plastics have reshaped our modern society and have become an essential part of our lives. However, as plastic waste accumulates, its management now represents a global environmental concern. Tiny particles of plastic debris (including micro and nano-sized plastics) have been detected in the oceans, lakes, rivers, soils, sediments, air, and in animal biomass. Plastic pollution is so ubiquitous and pervasive that it has become a severe threat to natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health. Global and concerted interventions are urgently needed to tackle this global challenge.

This collection will gather the latest technological solutions towards a plastic pollution-free planet. We will consider research papers that focus on reducing plastic consumption and waste, developing alternative materials, maximising sustainable waste management solutions, improving our understanding of the fate, transport, and effects of plastic pollution in different environmental matrices, and accelerating innovation in circular economy strategies.




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