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Consilience of Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom(DIKW)

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Consilience of Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW) modals

Yucong Duan, Hainan University, China,



Aiming at Cognitive integrity and integration overload for complex content identification, modeling, processing, and service optimization in the context of massive content interaction in multi-dimensional, multi-modal, multi-scale physical and digital space, we start from the identification and clarity of the uncertain semantics contained in the interpretability problem of artificial intelligence. Based on the Gene-culture Coevolutionary Theory of evolutionary biology, which integrates the perspectives of psychophysiology, cognitive linguistics, information science, sociobiology, philosophy and metascience, we reveal the subjective and objective semantics of concepts from the uncertainties of multi-modal content semantic traceability, relevance, migration, interaction, and evolution of multi-modal content including data, information, knowledge and wisdom (DIKW) in the context of our previous proposed Relationship Defined Everything of Semantics (RDXS) model and Existence Computation (EC). 

Purpose/Intention-driven interaction mechanism are the basic methods of semantics optimization developed towards the competition and collaboration of individuals and society in incomplete, inaccurate,inconsistent and error-prone resource and processing background. Through cross-modal conceptual semantic association modeling and existential semantic analysis, and abstract the mechanism of transformation between modalities, we construct a multi-scale bidirectional fusion of complex semantic content expression models and cross-modal processing algorithms. We focus on the conceptualization and association mechanism of mesoscale morphological semantics, the value-driven complex semantic recognition, measurement, and re-conceptualization optimization processing mode that integrates with existing concepts, forming a method system and evaluation mechanism for interpreting and processing semantic uncertainty. We show applications cases in individual and crossing domains.



Research group website: http://www.yucongduan.org

DIKW conference: https://dikwra.org/



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